How would you deal with your number one fan? Castle has to make choices in which his life and the lives of others depend…



20131018 CASTLE Number One Fan 1Castle is called in to negotiate a hostage crisis involving a murder suspect who will only speak to him, and puts his life in danger when he exchanges himself for two of the hostages. (A murder suspect, who had woken up to a newly deceased boyfriend and no memory of what happened).

Beckett eager to help, though not officially on the NYC force, gets incentive as her fiance goes into the hostage situation. Captain Gates allows Beckett, fired from her federal job, to assist with the investigation, since budget cuts have prevented her to be reinstatement to the precinct. Turns out Emma (the suspect) was adopted, who then accidentally killed a foster brother in an old home. It’s a tragic back story, and it all culminates in the discovery that her biological father is a super rich politician, whose son-in-law was afraid that the news of a biological heir would lose him his share of the family fortune. So, the son-in-law killed the girl’s boyfriend, who had just uncovered the adoption paperwork. In the end, Mr. Rich Guy decides to be a real father to his daughter for the first time.

Following the case, the politician pulls some strings with the police commissioner, and Gates is able to give Beckett her old position back. I was glad to see Castle take initiative to go into the situation to save some of the hostages right off the bat, and then work with the suspect to clear her name. They were able to pull the treads that got bigger and bigger until out popped the Sherman Tank (the truth). I felt the DC arc was explored and I realized how glad I was to have Beckett back in her precinct.

20131018Number-One-Fan-605x338 As we can see Beckett is very happy as well to back where she can do the most good and not ALWAYS have to play politics as in DC.




20131018 Misery And lucky for Castle, his number one fan turned out saner that most.




NEXT WEEK: CHUCK alum, Joshua Gomez (Morgan Grimes) does a cameo as a time-traveler…or is he just a fake with a case of the “crazies”?

20131018 CASTLE Number One Fan 2 TIME TRAVEL

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