In this week’s episode we pick up the pace and focus on all the father figures of the episode. …Which happens to be every male on the cast over the age of 30.

ROBERT CARLYLE, DYLAN SCHMIDThe title refers to Rumple’s “Nasty Habits” of always choosing to save himself. Frankly, I find this a bit harsh. I mean, let’s put it in perspective. The main reason his sense of self-preservation is looked down upon is because he’s being compared to a bunch of selfless heroes. If you or I had our moral standings compared to the likes of Emma, Snow and Charming, we might come out looking a bit shabby as well. It’s like criticizing a fuzzy, light-seeking moth for not being a flashy, day-dwelling butterfly. But I digress.


This episode explores the real possibility that Rumple might still try to kill Henry despite his current intentions. It also reveals a bit of Bael and Rumple’s history with Pan. And quick show of hands, who else prefers the name Baelfire over Neal. I mean, Baelfire! That’s got some flair. Neal is so… common. But I suppose that’s what you should expect from a guy who shuns magic. Don’t even get me started about that!



Ok. For clarity we’re going to call young Baelfire “Bael” and grown Bealfire “Neal.” Got it? Got it.

JOSH DALLASSo we’ve got three fathers and a step-father in this episode. Once again we’re reminded that Hook was pulling father duty after Bael left the Enchanted Forest. And then we’ve got the three biological fathers who- for varying reasons- were not involved with raising their children. …You know, the rate of parents abandoning their children and/or dying is astronomical on Once. An alternate title for the show could be “How Not to Family.” Just sayin.

Speaking of parents not raising their children and/or dying, both Charming and Rumple are doing their best to make it into both categories. I mean, obviously, neither of them is going to actually die, but I’m still curious as to how Charming is going to survive this. I just hope the miraculous cure doesn’t end up being cheesy. And as far as Rumple is concerned, I think it’s going to be a trick of wording. The prophecy says that Henry will be Rumple’s “undoing.” It says nothing about him dying. Everybody’s just choosing to interpret it that way. It could easily just meant that Henry will be his undoing as the Dark One, causing him to lose his power. Although, as far as Rumple is concerned, being powerless would be the same as dying and he’d probably want to kill himself, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Oh, and while we’re talking about killing off characters, writers, if you kill Hook after you already stole away the Huntsman and Booth, we will not be friends. No more taking away my eye-candy!

Bad parenting aside, I loved the tug-of-war emotions happening in this episode. Hook remembering Bael fondly and feeling fatherly pride for the things he taught him. The fluctuating trust and betrayal between Rumple and Neal (and Rumple and Bael for that matter). The tenuous attachments between Neal and Henry. All of it was fantastic.

ROBBIE KAYAnywho, I am really enjoying Peter Pan. Not only am I intrigued with the choice of having him be a villain, but I think both the writers and actor, Robbie Kay, are doing a fantastic job with him. I am legitimately afraid that he is going to do something horrible every time I see him on the screen. And I never know whether the damage is going to be physical or mental since he’s talented in both murder and mind-games. I also like that he’s been a devious villain since his actual boyhood, and that he was friends with Rumple. He also has so much history with Hook, Neal, and Rumple that I’m looking forward to seeing revealed.

I like that, out of everyone there, it’s zany, fairy without a cause, Tinkerbell that makes them consider making a solid plan with an exit strategy. Silly Gryffindors hero-types, rushing in to save the day without thinking.

So what did you think of this episode? Do you think Charming will actually die? (Yeah, right!) Are you loving the villainy of Pan? Are you worried about Henry? I’m still holding out for the season finale being all about having to find a way to defeat a Henry-gone-evil without killing him. ‘Cause, you know, that would be horrible.

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