Here it is, ladies and gents! A quick roundup of all the things that happened this week! Feel free to adopt a deep fascination with ALL THE THINGS!



10/20— LightMyFireFirst up, we were graced with Alikhat’s charm and wit in a review of Sleepy Hollow. And we got our regular share of expert critiques around Libya’s TV Campfire.

10/21— Next, I wrote a review for Once Upon a Time. And we got a dose of humor in Timothy’s Castle review.

10/22— Michele told us what’s up with Bones, and the fantastic Marlaine got us up to date with Supernatural.

10/23— We heard a rare word from our Assignment Editor, Marsia, who confirmed Juliet Landau, Georges Jeanty and Camden Toy would be guests at the Whedonopolis Halloween Event. Armin&Harry FB picSpoiler alert- Felica Day was there, too! We got word about a new Kickstarter project from Diani & Devine featuring Harry Groener and Armin Shimerman. Ya know! The mayor and Principal Snyder on Buffy. And we got the skinny on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

10/24— IndustryGeekGal shared the trailer for Almost Human. And I let everyone know about the fabulous prizes in the drawing at the Whedonopolis Halloween Event.

10/25— White Collar - Season 5A lot of things were posted on Friday. A little birdie (named Juliet Landau) told us about the panel she’s moderating at Comikaze. And the CW was kind enough to share episodes three and four of The Tomorrow People. Which I highly recommend you watch. 🙂 Yomenoko told us about Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying campaign, then got us all hot under our White Collar. Libya gave us the highs and lows of Person of Interest. We officially announced that Felicia Day would be attending our Halloween Event, and we posted the official schedule. The fascinating Rebecca guided us through the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. The Comic Book Slayer got us up to date with all the comics in the ‘verse. And Isis Nocturne told us about the latest shenanigans from the Crazy Ones.

10/26— Almost everyone involved with this website, including myself, was busy with the Whedonopolis Halloween Event, so nothing was posted. 😛

What was your favorite story of the week? Are you attending any of the events? Did you go to the Halloween Event? Let me know in the comments!

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