Picture This! New Vids from The CW

We have bunch of new vids from The CW for Beauty and the Beast, The Originals, Supernatural, Arrow, and The Tomorrow People!  Enjoy!


Beauty and the Beast – Happy Halloween

Have a fun and safe Halloween beasties!



The Originals – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Preview

Dean goes full dog on Tuesday’s all new episode of Supernatural at 9/8c!

Will Klaus be able to save Hayley in time? Don’t miss an all new episode of The Originals Tuesday at 8/7c!



Supernatural – Dog Dean Afternoon

Dean goes full dog on Tuesday’s all new episode of Supernatural at 9/8c!



Arrow – League of Assassins Preview

Witness the birth of an assassin this Wednesday at 8/7c!



Arrow – Stunts: Canary Fight

Go behind the scenes with an inside look into the Canary fight. Arrow is all new Wednesdays at 8/7c!



The Tomorrow People – All Tomorrow’s Parties Preview

Is one night of partying worth the risk? The Tomorrow People is all new Wednesday at 9/8c!



The Tomorrow People – Madeleine Mantock and Aaron Yoo

Madeleine Mantock and Aaron Yoo discuss Astrid’s dilemma. The Tomorrow People is all new Wednesday at 9/8c!


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