Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Once again, The Crazy Ones was a rousing success this week at my house. We finally had the chance to see Sydney loosen up and have a fantasy kiss moment! It was awesome! This week, the show focused on Simon being nominated for an Advertising Impact Award and his reaction to it, especially since he was the oldest nominee of the year. However, also included was a name that Sydney knew from high school; a guy she’d had a huge crush on and swore didn’t know of her existence.

The show opened with an ad campaign for an erectile dysfunction medical aid, and of course included a choir. I choked on laughter when I realized what was going on, as did my father. Honestly, I was surprised when the jokes didn’t go farther than they did. But that lovely awkward moment of seeing a team trying to sell an ad campaign about something that I already make jokes about was perfect. After all, who doesn’t want to take a little green pill to make such a horrible condition go away? I also loved that Andrew was the one forced to read the warnings that go along with taking the pill. It was perfect! There was also a great moment between Sydney and Zach after the campaign demonstration was over. Zach called Sydney “a dirty little girl” and Sydney replied “yes.” There was a beat, then Sydney continued by saying “Wait. What did I just agree to?” Is it something juvenile to laugh about? Absolutely. Did I love the moment? You bet I did – it’s one of my top 3 of tonight’s episode. However, that didn’t stop Lauren from being my episode MVP once again. She has the best moments and I love her more and more as we get to know her better.

Lauren joined Simon in his office to suggest that he campaign for the Advertising Impact Award, and Simon loves her idea so much that he fully intends to use it. He suggests that she might end up taking over, and Lauren comments on the hows and whys of her doing that. It includes references to poisoning everyone, and Simon looks slightly horrified and nervous after realizing that he just took a sip of water from the glass Lauren gave him. At this point, I’m hoping for an episode that focuses on Lauren and her past, as well as her fixation on poison. There has to be a story there, and I’m becoming desperate to know what that story is.

In the mean time, while the team is prepping for the awards, they decide to hold a party for all the nominees, and while in the planning stages, Sydney pulls out a snow globe. For some reason, this made me think of Buffy and another moment that included some snow, especially as Sydney talked about a perfect kiss and things that didn’t happen in high school with the guy she liked. Of course, that’s a huge plot point, so you need to watch the show to know how it affects the episode. However, the references didn’t stop there. There were references to Bones as well, which I liked until there was a direct David Boreanaz reference. I know what the show was going for, but at the moment David was mentioned, it felt like overkill. Two references to him in the best known roles he’s had were great, but the third just killed it. The other reference I loved was to Fight Club. It was brilliant.

I already mentioned one of my favorite moments of the episode, but the others focused on Sydney’s interactions with Zach and Andrew, as well as Simon and Sydney. She had some really great lines tonight, and beyond the one mentioned above, I loved hearing her ask Zach and Andrew “Why is it so hard for you freaks to give me a compliment?” I think the exasperation she clearly feels is a universal thing and something the audience can easily relate to. With Simon and Sydney, I still just adore the way they are getting closer as father and daughter and how they communicate. Simon coming to Sydney about how he’s scared about getting older and feeling like he’s being replaced by the younger people in the ad industry gave The Crazy Ones its authenticity tonight. Moments like that make the show so much stronger for me and help push this higher and higher up on my required watching list.

Did you miss the episode (if so, shame on you!) or do you want to watch it again? Catch The Crazy Ones here!

Last week, the lovely Emma Caulfield, who now goes by Essnemma and does some awesome video blogs, posted her review of The Crazy Ones. It’s NSFW, but it is awesome and totally covers how I feel about the show. Be sure to check it out! At the very least, you’ll have a grin spread across your face!

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