Review: The Vampire Diaries – “Handle With Care”

Hold on to your hats, we’ve had another intense and shocking episode of The Vampire Diaries.


Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW

Oh Katharine, you must have been a cat in your previous life because you have more lives than anyone. After surviving Damon’s attempt to cure Silas and kill Katharine, she indulges in as much food as she possibly can, but as she pulls a full chunk of hair out of her head she realizes something isn’t quite right.

Meanwhile, as Damon, Elena and Silas prepare for Silas’ death, Stefan has been spending time with Tessa, who is quite pleased at the fact that her ex is finally curable. Elena of course has her doubts that Silas will hold his end of the bargain considering he is, “kind of evil.” Silas promises to do as he said and bring Bonnie back upon his death, but first he must find the anchor between this world and the other side so he doesn’t spend an eternity in purgatory and with his one true love, Amara. As it turns out the anchor is in, as Damon says, “Snooki’s backyard,” in New Jersey. However, with Tessa seeking vengeance over a broken heart, finding the anchor and using it won’t be quite as easy as Silas plans.

Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW

Tessa believes she has everything in order but she forgot one thing: Silas is a witch now and has spelled the cabin in which Tessa has been staying. She and Stefan will remain stuck there until sundown.

At Witmore College, Caroline has been rooming with Katharine, without her knowledge. In order to keep her new digs, Katharine offers to help Caroline with the Dr. Maxfield situation. Tying Dr. Maxfield up she learns about a secret society called, Augustine and- surprise, surprise- they have their own agenda and vampire. This, perhaps, will explain the experiments Dr. Maxfield has been doing on Jessie.

Using jealousy, Tessa coaxes Elena to the cabin to use her as leverage against Damon while he and Jeremy go with Silas to find the anchor so he can die to be with his one true love. Elena has no idea that she has walked into a trap.

Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW

In the storage location where the anchor rests, Silas, Damon and Jeremy come across the travelers who are hoping to put a stop to Silas’ plan. This doesn’t work for Damon and he quickly puts the travelers down but this isn’t the last challenge he’ll face. Tessa informs Damon that he must kill Silas immediately, or she will kill Elena. Before Damon has a chance to kill Silas, he finds the anchor and in yet another “oh snap” moment, we find out that the anchor is none other than Amara, Silas’ one true love. Amara drinks from Silas and runs into Damon. She has lost her mind and is introduced to Elena as “crazy pants” by Damon. We are now left with the knowledge that Bonnie won’t be coming back and Amara must be protected at all costs.

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1 thought on “Review: The Vampire Diaries – “Handle With Care”


    (2013-11-08 - 11:15 pm)

    so Silas is dead? cuz he was looking kinda dead. but then, characters do tend to have a way of coming back on this show. *cough*Jeremy*cough* (seriously, they like, BURNED him. how is he still alive?)
    also, i loved when Damon introduced her as “crazy pants.” that was hilarious. also when Damon… you know what? ALL of the Damon. LOVE.
    so we’ve got three Elenas, two Stefans, and we need to get Jeremy an orange hoodie. (You killed Jeremy! You bastard!)
    this show is like crack. stupid writers and their full-of-drama episodes.

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