Review: Bones – “The Dude in the Dam”

Howdy folks. Tonight’s episode was super fun, a little disgusting, and definitely shocking as always. The team investigates the murder of a print model, Brennan is involved in a rivalry with a fellow author, and Hodgins becomes a proud parent… sort of. Bones is on her game,  Booth is sexier than ever, and Angela’s devotion to Hodgins is tested as well. But before we get started, remember to tune in Friday night, as Bones is moving this week! Friday night’s episode is all new 🙂 Let’s get started!

****Spoilers Below****

The case: Tonight, a body is found embedded in a beaver’s damn. It is a print model, Sean Nolan, and the whole damn has to be brought in and dismantled before the team can even begin to investigate. The first person brought in was the victim’s girlfriend. She seems harmless enough, and we only find out that Nolan is not an honest man… and has been taking pictures of children in a park. That’s not creepy, right? Well it turns out he is a sperm donor for more than a couple children; but who would want to take him out? According to their next interview with the sperm bank rep who hired him, he was donating sperm under the assumption he was a genius. When the bank found out he was a fraud and simpleton, he was supposedly fired.

With money, a shady sperm bank, a girlfriend, and possible unhappy clients as motives, we as an audience do not have a clue which way the case will go. So who did it? After the team discovers the murder was a crime of passion (in other words, a female) and more questioning is done, we find out the murderer was the sperm bank rep. She was impregnated by him, and he wanted nothing to do with her. Although it was a team effort tonight, Hodgins and Bray did work hard putting the final pieces together.

Speaking of Hodgins… he shocked everyone, including his wife with the news he would be the host to an insect that had laid an egg in his neck! It was so gross, I had a hard time watching it. Angela was disgusted, but is sweet and understanding, as Hodgins parades around like a proud mother to be. Brennan mentions that she understands why he’d do such a thing (his love of entomology) but I do not. I like graphic stuff, but this was hard to watch… yikes.

While all this insect madness is happening, Brennan is invited by a fellow author, Tess Brown, to do a television interview. Seems harmless, but these two do not like each other, and Brennan had some pretty rough things to say about her the last time she was interviewed. Starting to wonder about how much tact she possessed, Temperance decides to do this interview to prove to herself and everyone else, that she is tactful and nice. However she was just  baited into a bit of a cat-fight with Brown. Sweets points out to Brennan, that this rivalry was definitely a publicity ploy, and she decides to confront her about it. The funny part is that someone at the coffee shop films Brown knocking her entire fan base and her own worth as an author, so Tess Brown pretty much destroys her own career. Another plus, is Bone’s book is released early, and the bad publicity turned out helping her book sales.

Awe, it’s a happy ending for Bones… and the successful arrest of another murderer. Let’s not forget the birth of the weird insect in Hodgins’ neck, appropriately named Jefferson. What an episode.

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