Review: Bones – “The Fury in the Jury”

T.G.I.F. ! It’s Friday night and Bones is all new on it’s new night and time. This evening Brennan is called in for Jury duty. It is a murder case involving a professional soccer player, named Peter Kidman. Bones will have a rough time in court, and she will need a little help from her friends to solve this savage murder.¬†There is a breakthrough in Camille’s identity theft case as well. Let’s dig in


We start in a court room listening to the defendant Peter Kidman’s sister testify. Peter Kidman’s wife has just been murdered and he is the only suspect. We hear from the sister that he was a good man, but that he was found with blood on him. Right away it seems to be leaning towards his guilt. Brennan doesn’t seem too involved in listening, and it seems like there isn’t a smoking gun… but when the jurors are sequestered, Bones realizes this case may take awhile. When the jurors all meet, they are ready to call him guilty and get home, but Temperance is certain there’s not enough evidence to convict this man, and although irritating for all involved, they are forced to deliberate longer.

At the same time, a body has come into the Jeffersonian, and Daisy is in charge. Soon they realize something terrible. The key witness for the prosecution is the fresh corpse laying on their table, and there is no way to tell Brennan because of the sequester. It is super aggravating for the team and all of us watching, because Bones is not going to let this one go. She convinces the jurors there simply isn’t enough evidence to ethically convict this man, because she has no clue about the witness Christopher Barnes. So, Kidman is found not guilty. Temperance is the only real reason he is let go.

When Brennan gets back to work and hears what has happened to the witness she feels horrible. It was basically her fault this killer got away, and she knows now. Booth and Brennan are more determined than ever to get proof of this murder and get him charged with both the murder of his wife and Barnes. At first it seems like there is no real proof, but Angela totally kicks ass, and gets important evidence which leads to Bones finding that smoking gun. The evidence proved Kidman and his sister killed Barnes, and he is arrested again.

Angela is actually the hero tonight because, not only did she get crucial evidence against Kidman, but she is an amazing friend to Camille. We all know Camille was the victim of identity theft recently. Her life is crumbling around her, and Angela is the only person trying to make things right. She has taken it upon herself to find out all the charges and track down this jerk off who stole Camille’s life. Well, tonight Angela solves this case as well. But it turns out to be an old college friend of Camille’s and it’s devastating. We are left there wondering what Camille will do. Will she confront the crook herself? Or just have her arrested? Guess we will have to wait and find out. Have a great weekend everyone, and see you next Friday.

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