Team Machine puts the final nail in the coffin of HR, but at a hefty price.  They said that a “hero would fall” and they fulfilled that promise.  Even knowing that one of the main characters was not going to make it to the closing credits did not make the loss any easier.



The episode opens with Simmons from HR putting a hit out on Reese and the Machine spits out his number.  Start the clock on the tension, even though Reese was relatively safe from being killed, the writers did a decent job putting that certainty in doubt.  Root teases Finch with knowledge that Reese was not the first person hired to help with the numbers.  What happened to all the others before Reese?  Probably not a happy ending for those guys.  Speaking of Root, she is playing a mean game of “screw with Finch’s head.”  The discussion they have comparing how they each relate and view the Machine was very telling.  Finch sees it as his child that has been twisted and now out of his reach, yet Root has a more “intimate” relationship with it.  Root even offers to lead Reese out of danger in exchange for her freedom, but Finch is more worried about the damage she would do.  Considering the final outcome, Finch may blame himself for not taking her up on it.

Fusco and Shaw were teamed up this week and Shaw let her human side show again, as she showed genuine concern for Fusco and his son.  However, her choice to save his son was at the cost of not being there to save Fusco himself.  Her apology to him over the phone was quite moving and they really made strides toward being friends this week.  Considering that earlier in the episode Fusco commented, “only the dog likes you,” that’s saying something.  Fusco also had to endure some pretty rough torture, but was true to his friends even at the risk of his son.  Thinking about season one Fusco, this guy is a whole new, stronger man.

POI Crossings

Reese and Carter’s relationship has shifted from mutual respect to affection to whatever you want to read into the big kiss of the episode.  It’s interesting to note the kiss was unscripted and grew out of a heartfelt conversation between two soldiers comparing near death experiences.  Reese had been harboring some feelings for Carter for a while and it became more evident this season, as noted in earlier reviews for this fall.  Reese finally admitting his feelings to Carter made the end work much better emotionally, but was a bit of writer manipulation, as well.  The actors played the scene strong enough that the manipulation is forgivable.  There were also a lot of callbacks to the pilot; from the thug beat down on the subway to role-play of the first time Carter and Reese met.  All those things together felt like a big goodbye.

“The best you can hope for is a hand to hold as you bleed out,” were words spoken by Fusco, but played out on the sidewalk by Carter and Reese.  They save the day and everything should be good, but Person of Interest is not always that kind of show.  This time the bad guy comes out the shadows and shoots down our heroes.  Seeing Reese fall apart as he watched Carter die was gut wrenching.  She knows him and tried to warn him not to let her death unravel all his progress.

The Machine was late with the call to warn the team of the new threat and Reese may take that a bit hard.  He will also probably blame himself because that last bullet had his name on it.  Reese unleashed next week will be a force to reckon with and Finch will be hard pressed to control him.

Will you be watching?  Who did you predict would die?  Are you still curled in a ball after Carter’s death?

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