Hold on tight, this episode of The Vampire Diaries, packs a punch! Of course, when it comes to this show, that isn’t anything new.

 Dead Man on Campus


Poor Jessie, first he kisses Caroline and it ends in an awkward situation. Then he is turned into some new breed of vampire. Dude can’t catch a break! We begin the episode with Elena, Caroline and Bonnie- recently back from the dead and the newest anchor between the living and deceased- celebrating Bonnie’s return and planning a major party on her behalf. Of course, no celebration is complete without a make out session with one sexy Jeremy Gilbert. Sadly, as we found out last week, Bonnie’s return means she will have to feel every supernatural death as they pass through her and to the other side. This can be a major turn off during a hot and heavy session with one’s boyfriend.


Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, both Katharine and Stefan are doing their best to drink away their problems, and somehow Katharine finds a way to convince Stefan to help her with yet another scheme. This plan involves Kathernine’s vampire daughter, Nadia and the “Traveler,” living inside of Matt Donovan. Being the strange and absent mother, Katharine wants to make sure her daughter is not with someone who is terribly wrong for her. So she uses the dagger that Matt was instructed to protect with his life to kill Greggor, the “Traveler” possessing Matt. Of course, this action brought on the typical angry daughter telling her mother to, “Rot in hell.”

In the meantime, the welcome-back-from-the-dead-Bonnie party is in full swing at Witmore College. And while Elena, Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy are partying it up, Damon is doing some doctor torturing to get answers, per Elena’s request. Since Dr. Maxfield has a slue of rare diseases stored in his fridge, Damon takes it upon himself to use these as a means by which to get Dr. Maxfield to talk. We soon learn that Jessie is the kind of vampire that craves vampire blood, not human blood. Maxfield was developing a new breed of vampire using blood from Augustine vampires. Jessie is trying to be on his best behavior as he and Caroline finally get their inevitable make out session, but the craving for her blood is too much, and he runs off to avoid killing the girl he likes. Instead he attacks and threatens to kill Damon, and it is Elena’s turn to come to his rescue. Sadly, this is the end for Jessie; poor Caroline can’t catch a break with the men in her life.


Our heart-pounding episode ends when Damon remembers his time as one of the Augustine vampires, when he was subjected to torturous experiments. And now, thanks to a psychotic Dr. Maxfield, it is presumed- as Damon wakes up in the same cell he was kept in before, he will be subjected to these experiments once more. Okay, now… breathe!

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