Review: Bones – “The Mystery in the Meat”

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight, Bones was super fun. There is a party, a bar fight, and a murder that was reminiscent of the classic movie, Soylent Green. All things considered, tonight’s episode was not only funny as heck, but had some sweet moments and important political food for thought.

****Spoilers Below****

“The stew is people!” Our murder victim tonight is a man named Howard Compton. He was discovered in a most peculiar way… inside the meat stew at a high school cafeteria. After the laughter and sickness subsides, we see that this was a brutal murder. Putting a man through a meat processing plant is pretty horrific, and it is gonna take some serious work in the lab to find out more about this person.

It looks like Howard was a food scientist who made million dollar recipes and products, and was selling some to a company named Tyron. Initially, Booth goes to talk to his business partner. She seems unaffected and cold really… wait that reminds me of someone else… oh yeah Bones! She looks harmless enough (despite her lack of emotion) so they talk to the head of Tyron. From what the boss said, Howard could have some enemies who were jealous of his position, but that’s all we hear from him. This is a man that doesn’t appear to have done anything to deserve such a death.

While Booth and Sweets do some investigating, Wells and Hodgins do serious lab work. They stumble upon a product the vic was working on, and it wasn’t food. It was a sexual aide. Now we have another business partner that could have been angry enough to hurt him. Yet there isn’t any hard evidence until the murder weapon is discovered. This leads them to an organic farmer, and the plot thickens.

After talking to her, we are lead to believe Howard was a good guy, and he knew something that possibly lead to his death… What was it? Daisy and Wells are so busy bickering, they miss the biggest piece of evidence. Brennan comes to the rescue by finding horse product in the stew. She realizes that the food served to these children was seriously dangerous. Booth closes in on the food company, and the head of Tyron was arrested for murder.

During the investigation, Angela convinces Brennan that she needs a girls night out, and reluctantly she agrees (thanks to Booth). He knows that Bones needs to spend time with her best friend, and the girls get dolled up like cowgirls and head out to a western bar. When they arrive, the girls find it has been changed to a biker bar, but decide to stay. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything cuter than Bones, ordering “shots with alcohol,” in a cowboy hat. They get to partying but everything changes when Temperance is hit on by a regular at the bar. Although she does not accept his offer, the dude’s girlfriend starts a fight.This is a fight that turns the entire bar into a big brawl, and Brennan kicks some serious butt. Not only can she fight, but her words were just as bad-ass as her punches! What a fun night.

The case is solved, and relationships are mended as well. Angela has finally stopped hating Booth once and for all, and nobody can deny what an amazing man and husband he is. Brennan and Angela are best friends, and Booth never wanted to get in the way of that. Angela was grateful, and it just makes Bones and Booth a stronger couple. As for Daisy and Wells, they basically bickered the entire episode, but after some words with Hodgins, Wells attempts to be nice. It was weird, but it was something. Maybe he will be accepted as one of the team someday after all.

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