The Augustine Society is completely off their rockers! Talk about a Vampire Diaries episode with a lot of traumatic revelations and experiences.


Okay. Now, where to begin with this weeks Vampire Diaries episode, “The Cell.” We certainly learned a lot about the Augustine Society as they have once again taken our beloved Damon to perform terrible experiments on him. We find out that Dr. Whitmore, yes the Whitmore attached to the college where Caroline and Elena are getting their education on, is heading the Augustine society along with Elena’s own father.

Poor Aaron, the assuming orphan whose parents were killed right in front of him, had no idea that he was a part of this secret society. Elena and Aaron go in search of Wes Maxfield because Elena knows his secret and wants to find out more about the society and why her roommate’s death was covered up. Of course, this only lands her in the cell right next to Damon.

The Cell

As Damon struggles to deal with the fact that the love of his life is now trapped waiting to be tortured by the same psychopathic society that tortured him, he recounts his own experiences with the Augustine. Here we learn that for five years, Damon was tortured by having his organs and pieces of his eyes cut out (eww) and his one saving grace was the vampire he befriended, Enzo. His cellmate had become quite the expert on being an Augustine and through his years as an Augustine captive he devised a plan to help them escape.


Once a year the vampires were brought to the Augustine party and fed to the humans. Enzo’s plan was to give Damon his blood rations so he’d be strong enough to fight back. When the yearly party finally arrived the plan was sprung into action and we saw Damon go through the Augustines one-by-one. This, however, is The Vampire Diaries and all good plans have a flaw. The cage, where Enzo still remained, was laced with vervain, and Damon made the decision to turn his humanity off and leave his best friend to die in a burning fire. He walked out on his best friend and yet we still want to scoop him up and coddle him. What is that?

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, Caroline is doing her best to help Stefan get over his PTSD of being locked and drowned in a safe all summer. As the plan continues to fail, Katharine steps in and literally saves the day. Oh, and of course she and Stefan have hot vampire sex… umm, oh my god! Then again, come on guys. Who didn’t see that coming?


Oh snap, I almost forgot… Damon took responsibility for killing every Whitmore in every generation except one each time. Yes, you guess it. That means Damon, our beloved sexy Damon, is the one responsible for making Aaron an orphan.

Believe it or not that isn’t even the craziest part… Enzo is ALIVE!

So what did you think? Did you see the Katherine/Stefan hook-up coming? Do you love or hate Damon right now? How the heck are they going to explain Enzo being alive? Tell us in the comments.

Also, don’t forget that you can check out this and past episodes at the CW site.

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