I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday… what a great episode, and worth the wait. Tonight, Bones starts with some super electricity (literally), and we are taken into the world of professional gymnastics. Solving this crime will be emotional for Brennan. As for Camille, she has some emotional issues to face as well tonight. Get out your tissues, folks, because this episode is much deeper than the murder solved.


Wow! What an interesting introduction to tonight’s murder. A couple discovers a body, and stupidly (trying to help) get the body blown up by lightning… yes, lightning, and the pieces fly everywhere. It’s the classic Bones gore I do enjoy. What does this mean for the team? It will make it harder to put the pieces together, but Brennan immediately starts seeing some patterns in the victim’s bones. These patterns are consistent with regular abuse, so naturally Booth goes to the parents.

The victim’s name was Amanda Waters, and according to her father, she was a championship gymnast and a wonderful daughter. As for her mother, she was already deceased, and by the father’s behavior, he was pretty numb to all of it. He couldn’t even break away from his work and Booth is very disturbed by this behavior. As for all the fractures and signs of trauma to Amanda’s bones, well, Temperance is satisfied that being a gymnast is the reason. Booth is not so convinced, and he doesn’t like Brennan taking the dad’s side so quickly and without evidence. So the investigation continues to Amanda’s training ground.

At the gym, they meet her coach and teammates. All is pretty typical with the coach, and although he states there being problems with another gymnast, he is very sure, that nobody there would ever want to hurt her. It is convincing. However, the fellow gymnast does provide information that will lead them away from gymnastics to a new group of friends. A new group of friends, drug use, and behavior that was atypical for Amanda.

A third suspect is looked into, a new friend of Amanda’s that she did drugs with. She definitely seemed off, and had a fishy alibi for the night of the murder, but her parents accounted for her; so they moved on, trying to figure out the cause of death. At this time, Angela tells Booth that Amanda could be placed at her father’s work the night she died. So, her father lied. Did he do it? Booth wants to take him in, but Brennan is sure he is innocent, and believes that he is just different than most. She sees he is like her… but Booth is getting more angry and suspicious as time goes by.

Back at the lab, it becomes clear to the team she was strangled and it was done at the gym she trained in. They obviously pick up the coach… but something does not sit well with Bones and she takes a closer look at the evidence. Thank God she did, because it revealed a physical trait of the murderer, and it was not the coach. It was none other than this “new friend” of hers. Just a sad lonely girl who was tired of over-achieving and wanted someone to be bad with. Apparently, Amanda did not want to throw her good life away, and the girl snapped. It was a huge victory for Temperance who had believed in the victim’s father all along. Bones really wanted to get justice for him.

I’m not sure if it was the fact Amanda’s dad was a lot like Brennan, or it was losing a child, but Bones was in tears tonight. She really was touched by the case and the family. She had real empathy and it was nice to see her be so kind. She even went to check on him after the case was over. She found him creating a mathematical tribute to his late daughter, and it was a tribute that Bones could truly appreciate. There was a bond between Bones and Amanda’s dad for sure.

As for Camille, it was also an emotionally trying night. They brought in her identity thief. She wouldn’t listen to Booth and stay away; in fact she punched the woman right in the face as soon as she saw her. It was a great moment, for the character and for everyone, since we do not often get to distribute justice ourselves. However, Camille’s anger frightens her boyfriend and he urges her to let it all go for her sake. It’s unclear at first, but after speaking to this criminal face to face, Camille sees everything she never wants to be. All the anger and resentment her old friend had for Camille really had an affect. Camille decides to not charge this sad person. She decides to let it go and move on for the sake of peace in her own life. That is super impressive, and of course probably would never happen in real life, but the thought and meaning behind it is noble for sure.

I hope you enjoyed tonight as much as I did, and appreciated the better side of humanity being highlighted. Have a great weekend, and see you next week!

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