Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/FOX

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/FOX

***SPOILERS Below***

Some people do their absolute best when they garner an internship, and others, well… they don’t do much of anything. That lead to quite a spectacle on the latest episode of The Crazy Ones. In this episode, Simon and crew take on Kelsi Lasker, the daughter of a huge client at the firm, for a three month internship and quickly regret the decision while also making Sydney insecure about being born privileged. In a simultaneous subplot, Lauren is having a relationship with Zach (again). When she ends it, she ends up in a coffee chat relationship with Andrew, who sees it as more than it is.

What I loved most about this episode was how the show took advantage of Kelsi and used her to the advantage of the episode. Kelsi is the wealthy girl that we love to hate, and the show handled the character beautifully. Her vapid behaviors did grate a little on me as I watched, but seeing Sydney, Simon, Lauren, Andrew, and Zach dealing with her in their own ways was interesting. I particularly enjoyed seeing Sydney’s vulnerability in worrying if others saw her the way she saw Kelsi. The redemption moment towards the end of the episode was also wonderful and stated a truth I know rather well: as much as our friends and family may tell us that we’re great, we believe it most when a stranger tells us that they see us that way too.

Lauren grows on me each time I see her in an episode. I love that she has such complex relationships with Andrew and Zach, and the payoff from the complexities of those relationships was hilarious. Andrew and Zach are great friends, and seeing that they have each others’ backs while dealing with relationship issues was great. I particularly enjoyed Andrew freaking out about losing both Lauren and Zach on the same day after the confrontation scene. Friendships are to be valued, and that’s why I feel like in some ways, these three are the heart of the show.

Of course, one of my other favorite moments was seeing the post-episode blooper reel. The final blooper shown, in which Sydney referred to Ashley’s past work as a Disney starlet instead of her character Kelsi was very funny. The bloopers are only the bonus to watching the show, and there were so many phenomenal moments last night that I think this is my new favorite episode of The Crazy Ones. Be prepared: that might change again with the next new episode, since this show gets better and better as each new episode airs.

If you’re still not watching The Crazy Ones by now, you’re missing an absolute spectacle of fun with vibrant characters, great stories, and lots of heart. The characters are real, and their quirks and idiosyncrasies are identical to ones you and your friends have. There needs to be a second season of this wonderful show. As always, you can check out this episode, as well as several others, via

What did you think of “The Intern?” Did you enjoy Ashley Tisdale’s guest appearance? Did you enjoy Lauren and her relationships with Andrew and Zach? Would Zandrew be the perfect man? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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