Okay so let’s discuss that mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries shall we? Can you say, “OMG!”



So once again Elena became the damsel in distress when Wes Maxfield took her to an undisclosed location to perform experiments on her. Damon, left confused and alone in a cell, managed to escape and rush to his home to enlist the ultimate hero, Stefan’s help. This is the first time Stefan hears about his brother’s capture and life as a guinea pig in the 1950s. It was a terrible burden for him to bear but Damon refused to let his brother dwell on the past because they had another distressed vampire to save.

Fifty Shades of Grayson

In order to find Elena, Damon and Stefan make a trip to Witmore College to spend some time with Aaron, Westfield’s surrogate son. They threaten to end his life if Maxfield does not bring them Elena. It is a threat that Wes doesn’t seem too concerned with. Sorry Aaron. Looks like your guardian doesn’t care as much as he claimed.

Meanwhile, Elena learns that Enzo is very much alive and has been Wes’ slave and guinea pig ever since. She learns that her father, Dr. Grayson, is the one who taught Wes everything he knew about vampire experiments. A terrifying realization when you understand that your father isn’t exactly who he said he was.


Wes sends Enzo to meet with Damon, Stefan and Aaron as he knows that Damon and Enzo have some very unfriendly unfinished business. This is when things get interesting for Damon.

As relieved as he was that his friend was still alive, he soon realizes that Enzo is extremely bitter about the whole, you know, leaving him to die thing. Wes has injected Enzo with a poison that will stop his heart if he does not return once Damon has been destroyed. Meanwhile Katharine’s daughter Nadia has come up with a plan to save her life: put her in someone else’s body since she has Traveler blood in her. Katharine is far too concerned with matters of the heart, and thinks it would be better to go out knowing Stefan still cares. Alas, he does not! Sorry Kat, you were just a bitch for far too long.


As most Elena rescue missions do, our boys save her and all is well in vampire land. Except Damon realizes that Elena is too good for him and he thinks the right thing to do is to let her go. Sayonara Delena, for now anyway. *sobbing*

We close out the mid-season finale with Katharine choosing to use her Traveler blood, but it might be too late as she has a heart attack and passes out on the steps of the Salvatore mansion. Now we’re left with many questions.

Have we seen the last of Katharine? Will there be a Stelena reunion? Come on January! We can’t take the suspense much longer!!

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