Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

***SPOILERS Below***

Though titled “Outbreak,” the latest episode of The Crazy Ones could easily have referenced a classic Twilight Zone episode with an evil doll. The show opened with a PR crisis at hand that needs to be solved. Lewis, Roberts + Roberts agree to take on the case, and Lauren asks to take a bigger part in the campaign because she loves the dolls in question. Simon agrees, and it’s fun to see Lauren take a bigger role in a campaign for once. However, Zach has come into work sick, and soon after, a lot of the office is sick as well. Sydney freaks out because she has a date coming up with an amazing-sounding guy that she doesn’t want to miss. Andrew is jealous, and he attempts to sabotage Sydney before the date. Of course, things go way differently than anyone expects.

This isn’t my favorite new episode of The Crazy Ones, but I really did enjoy it. I love seeing Lauren take more control and I find her to be an absolutely brilliant character. Any time the show uses more of her, I’m happy. I also delight in seeing Lauren and Sydney and how their relationship is evolving. The two of them have amazing chemistry and I’m glad that the show’s writers take advantage of that. The other “team” with phenomenal chemistry in this episode was Sydney and Andrew. It’s clear that they both love and respect each other, but we may never see them as a couple based on what Sydney said to Andrew about her fears. Personally, I’m not thrilled with the idea of my favored ‘ship not sailing into canon on the show, but the choice made and explained made a lot of sense. Plus, it was hilarious to watch Andrew do whatever he could to prevent Sydney’s date from going through. His chivalry at the end to make the date possible was even more meaningful in the light of his previous actions.

I still feel terrible for poor, sick Zach, though. Being ill is never fun, and he was practically a human puppy begging for affection while he was under the weather at work. When, at the end of the episode, he asks for soup, hinting towards a specific brand and flavor, I giggled. Everyone can identify with being that person who wants specific comfort foods made by someone else while getting better after being sick.

Going back to the main plot of “Outbreak,” though, I loved seeing how the team at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts deals with a crisis situation. Public relations is an interesting field and I think The Crazy Ones portrayed that really well in this episode. The fact that the crisis response didn’t end well only made it more interesting for me, and I hope that we see the outcome of the second round of dealing with the general public to apologize for the first apology going wrong.

The blooper reel was also fantastic. I loved how the creepy doll was used to make various cast members laugh. It was perfect. Did you see the episode and enjoy the blooper reel? If you want to rewatch the episode or catch it for the first time, it’s available for viewing at Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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