Howdy guys. Last night’s Bones was all new again. The team has a guest intern, the girls are recognized by the scientific community, and Brennan and Booth are adorable as always. If you like a good chess montage and seeing a little more of Sweets, you will love this episode.

****Spoilers Below****

Tonight’s case begins on a farm in Virginia. The victim is actually found in pig slop, and it will be tricky to separate the pig parts from the human parts. We also have a guest intern, a Canadian named Dr. Filmore. As you can imagine, Bones isn’t thrilled to see him, but he makes it known he is a peer now and will be assisting on this case. Hodgins gets to work and creates a machine to separate the human parts from the rest of the mush, and we see the deceased is a young male, ages 29-35. Not much else is clear at first. Because of the way the victim is found, Booth immediately thinks that a criminal they are familiar with had to have done it. His name is Jerich Henry, and he had killed someone before and disposed of the body this way (even though he was never prosecuted). His DNA was found and they brought him in. Weirdly enough, he admitted to disposing of the body, but claimed he did not kill anyone, and the body was left on his property, so he did what he knew… and let the pigs get him. I know what you are thinking, gross and totally wrong right?

He seems to be telling the truth so, with some more work, they find out the victim is a professional chess player by the name Albert Magnuson. According to the internet, his finances are all handled by a woman named Suzanne Levit; who is also his fiancee. She seems like a good place to start. She had a lot of money to gain from his death, but she does seem to love Albert. Though it looks like Albert was not a popular man. We learn that she and her son Tim lived with Albert, and she wanted him to make a living doing what he loved. She simply wanted to help. She leads them to check on his ex wife, Ingrid. Apparently she burned their apartment down, and is part of a crazy religious sect; so Booth and Sweets follow the lead.

Sweets goes to talk to Suzanne’s son Tim more and learn about the chess club Albert was a part of. We meet a few new possible suspects, including Mr. Wakefield. He plainly states he doesn’t like Albert, and makes himself look guilty; but it can’t be that obvious. Tim tells Sweets about another player who broke the victim’s arm weeks before, so a few more different leads have to be followed up on.

Back in the lab, Filmore and Brennan work together to to try to find out just how Albert was killed. It’s funny that he is a forensic podiatrist, because the case is really solved by the feet. Temperance is not thrilled, but they figure out that he was electrocuted in a parking garage. Yes, Dr. Filmore is tickled pink that his expertise came in handy. Bones, of course, thinks nothing of him helping. So now they can really piece everything together and gather evidence from the murder scene. The problem is, it seems none of the suspects could be responsible except his fiancee. Did she really want his money that much? Everyone was headed in different directions, and nobody had concrete proof.

While Sweets was at the chess club, he got into a game with pretty much everyone there. He was beating people left and right, until it was Tim’s turn to play. The way he played made Sweets believe he was the killer. He arrested Tim on the spot and brought him in (to Booth’s dismay). Although it was not Sweets’ place to arrest anyone, he was certain he could get Tim to confess, and Booth gave him one shot to do it. There was no real evidence to keep Tim for long. Sweets used his chess knowledge and his psychological advantage to really get Tim to talk. However, Tim was good: he anticipated each question and had the perfect answer. The team decides to work together and really set him up. They tell him that they found the real killer. They tell Tim his mom was being arrested for Albert’s murder. He breaks down almost immediately and confesses. Sweets nailed this case, and knew Tim had done this to keep his mom to himself. He really solved this case on his own, and figured it all out while studying the way Tim played chess. It’s very impressive, and the team sees what an asset Sweets really is.

Now that the case has been solved, the girls can focus on the award Science Monthly magazine wants to give Camille. Yes, Camille… not Brennan. Temperance is angry at first, but Booth helps her realize it doesn’t mean she’s not the superior scientist 😉 Camille, being the sweetie pie that she is, decides to tell the magazine, it should be all three girls that get the award or none. They agree, and the girls are super excited. Then they find out that in order to sell magazines they would be in swimwear, very little swimwear. Brennan is totally game, and it’s hilarious. The episode ends with them trying on the most ridiculous bikini tops. That will be a pretty foxy Women of Science, if you ask me. Everything ends on this positive and funny note.

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