While the previous episode, “Holy Terror,” may have ended with a kick to the gut, this episode packs a punch right at the beginning. From the first notes of Bob Seger’s song, “The Famous Final Scene” and the image of Dean, alone, beside Kevin’s burning funeral pyre, we are reminded of the devastating events that led to this moment.

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Gadreel has left with Sam’s body and is continuing on his quest to prove his loyalty to Metatron. He finds that the second name on Metatron’s hit list is an angel/guard, Thaddeus (Wesley MacInnes), who used to torture him while he was imprisoned.  He has no problem dispatching him, especially after he is reminded of how much Thaddeus enjoyed inflicting pain (think heaven’s version of Alistair) on not only him, but on his friend, Abner (the other angel/sentry duped by the serpent in the Garden of Eden), as well.  It’s a smart move on Metatron’s part — having Gadreel slay an enemy.  Attaching an emotional component to the killing makes it easier.  And Metatron knows all the right buttons to push.  When Gadreel complains about being given another name for the hit list, Metatron just reminds him of his past mistakes and his horrible reputation and whips him right back in line.  If Gadreel wants redemption this is the price he has to pay.

When the next person on the list turns out to be none other than Abner (Dan Payne), it’s not clear if Gadreel is going to be able to follow through with his mission.  But his joy at seeing his dear friend (or boyfriend, if Thaddeus is to be believed) slowly turns sour as he realizes that Abner is very happy in his current life.  He has embraced this human existence and left the angel life and any pain, anger or humiliation associated with his imprisonment behind him.  When he urges Gadreel to find what he wants most and never let it go, he seals his own fate.  What Gadreel wants most is the redemption that Metatron represents.  So Abner pays the price.

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Meanwhile, Cas arrives at the bunker and finds Dean trying to make sense of the loss of Kevin and Sam.  The situation is desperate enough for them to consider help from, of all people, Crowley.  The devil you know…  When Crowley is told that Kevin is dead, he seems genuinely sorry.  Is that the little nugget of humanity that may still be in him?  Or can the King of Hell actually have feelings for a select few?

Last season Crowley was darker than he had ever been before.  His fight to get the tablets was pretty nasty and he was becoming a formidable adversary for the brothers Winchester.  Luckily, we got Abaddon, who seems more ruthless and cruel than even Lucifer.  We will be happy to have Crowley re-crowned King anytime now.  And that is a smart move on the writers – when your Big Bad is a likable character, bring in an even worse Big Bad to take all of the hate.  And then we all get to keep “the devil we know.”  And Crowley is the bad guy you love to hate.  I have to stop myself from including all of his dialogue in my Supernatural Quotes section! (Metatron has some pretty good one-liners as well – “Let me guess.  Winchester trouble?”)

Road TripRoad Trip Road Trip Road Trip

It was great seeing Crowley, of all people, go “mano o mano” with Gadreel inside Sam’s head.  And I’m very glad that Tahmoh Penikett is back in the Gadreel saddle, so to speak.  Early on, I felt sorry for Gadreel.  He seemed lost and so afraid of being found out.  But ultimately he seemed good.  His downward spiral at the hands of Metatron’s manipulation has been rapid.  It is easy to see why he failed so miserably at keeping evil out of the Garden of Eden.  Sam’s fight with Gadreel was long overdue and it was time for him to – in the words of Crowley – “blow it up and cast that punk-ass holy-roller out!”

So the brothers Winchester are back together again without any pesky angel possessions or captive demons between them.  But Dean thinks he is nothing but bad luck to those around him and he wants to track down Gadreel alone.  I liked that Sam did not try to talk him out of it.  Even Dean seemed surprised.  Perhaps Sam was just too tired to fight… or too angry.  And I loved that Sam tells Dean, “But don’t go thinking that’s the problem, ‘cause it’s not.”  Is Dean not facing the real reason he is walking away?  Is he running from a problem within himself or between the brothers?  Does Sam realize that Dean needs to try to make amends for his mistake (fix his own screw-up) alone and is just not fighting him on it?  Or is the broken bond of trust between them the real problem?

We know the brothers will be back together, hunting evil, eventually – at the very least they can’t miss out on the showdown between Crowley and Abaddon.  Winchesters fight together.   It’s inevitable.  But what toll will all of this take on their bond?

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Supernatural Wisdom

I always like to include some of my favorite quotes and exchanges from the episode.  If you have some quotes or moments you liked, please share in the comments section.  And I chose a special final quote listed at the end.

Dean to Castiel:  “Now, look at you, all suited up and back in the game.”
Crowley to Dean:  “Looks like we need a tiebreaker.  Go get Moose, Squirrel.  [pause]  Unless… unless, of course, you can’t.  That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  The poor giant baby’s in trouble again, isn’t he?”
Metatron to Gadreel regarding not killing Dean when he had the chance:  “Not much for seizing the initiative, are we?  Gadreel, we are writing our own epic story here!  To make that work, sometimes you have to kill your darlings.”
Cecily to Crowley:  “That was Dean Winchester and… Castiel?”
Crowley:  “Yes, I know.  Without the tie, he’s barely recognizable.”
Cecily to Crowley, regarding Castiel:  “So Captain Sexy out there totally cuts another angel’s throat, yoinks his grace, and now?  He’s got his mojo back – minus the broken wings.”
Crowley:  “Well, that explains the hooptie.”
Crowley to Dean:  “Your phallus on wheels just ran a red light in Somerset, Pennsylvania, 10 minutes ago.  Let’s go!  The Three Amigos ride again.”
Castiel:  “He’s not my amigo.”
Abner to Gadreel:  “I’m not a wise man, Gadreel.  But I know this.  The key to happiness?  It’s getting the one thing you want most and never letting it go.”
Gadreel:  “And what if there’s a price?”
Abner:  “There’s always a price.  But it’s worth paying.”
Dean:  “Cas… I’m sorry.”
Castiel:  “About what?”
Dean:  “Kickin’ you out of the bunker.  That’s uh… [shakes head]  You know… not telling about Sam.”
Castiel:  “You thought his life was at stake.”
Dean:  “Yeah, I got played.”
Castiel:  “I thought I was saving heaven.  I got played, too.”
Dean:  “So you’re sayin’ we’re both a couple of dumbasses?”
Castiel:  “I prefer the word ‘trusting.’  Less dumb.  Less ass.”
Crowley, from the other room:  “Laverne!  Shirley!  Get in here.”
 Dean:  “A demon and an angel walk into my brother…  Sounds like a bad joke.”
Crowley to Dean regarding Abaddon:  “Go.  The back door.  I’ll handle this.”
Dean:  “Oh, ‘cause you’re such a good guy?”
Crowley:  “Right now, I’m the goodest guy you got.”
Dean:  “This don’t make us square.  I see you again –“
Crowley:  “I’m dead.  Yes, I know.  I love you, too.”

And the final quote for this episode should come from Bob Seger.  Here are the lyrics from ”The Famous Final Scene.”

The Famous Final Scene  
By Bob Seger

Think in terms of bridges burned
Think of seasons that must end
See the rivers rise and fall
They will rise and fall again
Everything must have an end
Like an ocean to a shore
Like a river to a stream
Like a river to a stream
It’s the famous final scene

And how you tried to make it work
Did you really think it could
How you tried to make it last
Did you really think it would
Like a guest who stayed too long
Now it’s finally time to leave
Yes, it’s finally time to leave
Take it calmly and serene
It’s the famous final scene

It’s been coming on so long
You were just the last to know
It’s been a long time since you’ve smiled
Seems like oh so long ago
Now the stage has all been set
And the nights are growing cold
Soon the winter will be here
And there’s no one warm to hold
Now the lines have all been read
And you knew them all by heart
Now you move toward the door
Here it comes the hardest part
Try the handle of the road
Feeling different feeling strange
This can never be arranged
As the light fades from the screen
From the famous final scene

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