Across the Whedonverse – Lusty Kitten Explores the World of Joss

I bet there are some Whedon characters you have always secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to see do a strip-tease… Am I right?

Well, I certainly did, so here’s an account of the night I spent with Lusty Kitten’s tribute to both the art of Burlesque and all things Whedon.


The room is crowded and lit with red. A sea of people in Jayne hats, lab coats, and Geeky t-shirts gather by the bar or weave between the plastic chairs. The patron to my left, Tom, explains that this venue was a much better one than they had the last time they had tried something like this. Lusty Kitten’s productions are becoming so popular; they may have broken a fire code or two in the past. Leaving the table for a while to stretch my legs, I meet Olivia, Gwen, and Armin who are talking excitedly with their beers in hand. Longtime Lusty Kitten fan Olivia exclaims happily “I love that I’ve seen more than one Captain Hammer!” Gwen has never been to one of their productions before. When I asked why she decided to make this one her first, the answer is entirely relatable: “Joss Whedon and beautiful women – two of my favorite things!” Armin adds that he even braved the 405 to be here – truly a dedicated fan.

Nearby where I am standing, a lovely girl with large eyes and sparkling lip gloss introduces herself as Mercury (tonight she will be playing Drusilla).


Mercury has been in burlesque for 6 years, starting in Seattle and she knows this is exactly the life for her. “I like to explore the characters further,” she tells me and adds with a smile “and see others be just as obsessed. It makes me really excited that I’m not the only one.” Looking out over the still-growing audience, I certainly can’t argue with that sentiment.

Mercury introduces me to Jo Jo Stiletto (, who heads up the Seattle burlesque troupe and will be making a guest appearance in tonight’s performance (as a Femme-Mal – and yes that joke is made on stage). Jo Jo has turned her passion into a successful occupation as a producer and self-proclaimed Professor of Nerdlesque.


Soon after, we settle in as the show begins. A local Illusionist starts us off before the MC (dressed as Captain Hammer) leads into the real reason everyone paid their 12 bucks – “jokes and sexy women.” “What better way to celebrate Joss, Hollywood’s premiere feminist”, the MC quips, “than with sexy, empowered women taking off their clothes?” The audience agrees with hoots and hollers as the first act takes the stage. A brand new performer gives us femme Dr. Horrible’s real romantic obsession – Captain Hammer!


Next, Willow’s spell goes all wrong and oh-so-right, causing her to shamelessly undulate out of her simple sweater and into full on sex-kitten mode.


Anya’s wedding dress is plagued with bunnies, so what better way to be safe than to just take it off?


Echo, Buffy, Black Widow, Saffron and Drusilla all take their turns to shake what their mammas gave ‘em, stripping down to pasties and decorative thongs. Kida from Atlantis, an enthusiastic Reever with an unfortunate mate (my favorite performance of the night), a killer unicorn with killer curves, and finally, a very athletic Iron Man round out the evening.



I left shortly after the show, despite there being an after party- I’m just not the night owl I once was.

All in all, it was an interesting evening out. Some very in-character performances (Buffy, Anya, Willow, Drusilla, etc.) mingled with fun and creative interpretations (the Reever, the killer unicorn, etc.). The crowd remained lively and receptive, even after who knows how many drinks. With a live musical performance from Gemeni, a reading of erotic fanfiction, a raffle, a sing-a-long, puns and quotes galore, there was – as their charismatic MC put it – “a lot of s**t going on.”

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Post Author: Nancy McDonald

Nancy is a Geek/Nerd originally from the East Coast. She is greatly enjoying the LA life, especially the amazing friends she has made out here. She loves reading, writing, film, and some TV shows. She loves the internet a little too much but she can stop any time she wants. No, really. She totally can. Don't judge. She also feels pretty weird describing herself in the third person, but that's how these things work, right? Nancy is currently working a desk job to which she is entirely indifferent. If you would like to hire her for something more interesting, she is listening...

2 thoughts on “Across the Whedonverse – Lusty Kitten Explores the World of Joss

    Spy Kitten

    (2014-03-10 - 4:56 pm)

    Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for coming out to provide coverage for the Across the Whedonverse. It sounds like you had a fun night as did the rest of us! I just wanted to clear up a few things. Across The Whedonverse was the first show by Lusty Kitten Productions (Mae Lust and Spy Kitten), so we certainly have not broken any fire codes, haha, although the show was very successful 😉

    There is not a troupe associated with us in Seattle or Los Angeles. All of our performers in this run of Across the Whedonverse are independent artists and did all of their own work for each routine that night. We did have performers from Seattle and San Francisco in the show. There is a show in Seattle called Whedonesque Burlesque presented by JoJo Stiletto but we are not directly associated. Rather, we are more like a sisterhood of burlesque/nerdlesque performers and event professionals who are supporting each other in making our dreams come true.

    While we love that you gave so much attention to the stage show. I would like to also add that this event was designed to be like a micro-mini con-like experience, coupled with a stage show, to celebrate Joss and how he inspires fans. We wanted to give everyone who is inspired by Joss and his works, a chance to participate in the show. We had several pieces of art on display as well as a live artist creating during the event. We also had a tarot card reader and several vendors who were selling Joss specific or geek culture types of goods. The stage show was just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you had a chance to walk around and take in the art and see the merch available. But, if not, I have everyone listed on our Across the Whedonverse website. Oh and I hope you were able to get some one on one time with Georges Jeanty, who was there to sign comic books, judge the costume contest and enjoy the festivities. 🙂

    For more information about Lusty Kitten Productions you can visit and for more information about Across the Whedonverse and the performers, artists and vendors involved you can visit If you would like to see more photos from Jason Kamimura Photography you can visit

    Thanks again, Nancy! We hope to see you are our next show.

    Jessica Obrist

    (2014-03-10 - 5:27 pm)

    Lovely to meet you, Nancy! If you are ever in Seattle, come check us out. Much Love, Jo Jo Stiletto

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