caper thumbnailA new series called Caper, about superheroes who take up a life of crime to pay their bills, is underway. However, it looks like the “good guys” may have a really good reason to be bad.



“We’re losers who can’t make our rent”
“No we’re the good guys.”
“Yeah, what do we have to show for it?”

That’s the conversation that starts making some good guys go bad. Then again, as Alexia (Beth Reisgraf) tells Penny (Abby Miller), you can’t spend medals and keys to the city. caper 2

The first episode, “City of Angles,” introduces the superheroes as they’re about to break into Clarke Industries, but later get caught by the cops. Then, we meet them individually: Alexia, the Amazon and former assassin, Luke (Harry Shum Jr.), a guy with powers because his dad’s an alien, and Dagr (Hartley Sawyer), a Viking from an alternate dimension who came to Earth on a quest of some kind. Abby is also a superhero thanks to a special suit that turns her into “The Machine.” She designed it for Clarke Industries, then stole it back when she lost her job. What’s more, everyone suspects Sam Clarke, her ex-boss, is the super hero, not her.

The second episode, “The Kilt Brahs,” gives us a better idea of their lifestyle. They also prove they are a good team, able to stop a hostage situation, even if it winds up with a cop car being damaged. Each hero represents a typical character: Alexia is the tough warrior, Dagr’s the muscle, and Luke’s the earnest hero. Penny’s the leader of this not-so-fantastic-four.

When they find plans to the interior of Clarke Industries that the Kilt Brahs had, they consider breaking into the building to solve their financial problems. Penny’s against it, but a video call with her dad (Scott Bakula) where she finds out he could lose his house, and why, changes her mind.

After the emergence of comic-book shows like Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Caper is more down to earth, and it’s easy to identify with these guys. After all, if we had super powers, but the bad guys had all the money, we’d have to make some hard decisions, too. Using comic-book animation to move the story forward without special effects is a nice touch, too.

New episodes will be shown on Hulu and Geek & Sundry every Wednesday.

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