This week on Castle, tables, objects and people go flying in the air. Did the murder of a student from one of Castle’s high school alma maters involve deadly telekinetic powers?
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The murder of a high school mean girl draws Castle back to one of his many alma maters, where he is giddy to learn that the evidence points to a surprising perpetrator – a teenage telekinetic, throwing he and Beckett into a real-life “Carrie.”


The victim is seen by two of her friends via video chat being hurled around her room and finally flung upward against the ceiling. Then, with a crash, she lay lifeless, prone faced down on her floor before her phone cuts out.

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Castle and Beckett figure out at the same time that each had “their” song wrong, setting the task of naming it so they have it to dance to at their wedding. While at Castle’s alma mater, he gets flashbacks of dentition and “cow” pranking his school (cow + roof = awesome). They track down a young girl who had been terrorized by the resident mean girl, queen-bee Madison. The young, tormented girl, Jordan, says she must have done it. She hated the girl for picking on her and her followers. She made tables and chairs fling at them in a cafeteria incident. So, since she wanted Madison dead, and now she is dead… Jordan must have done it. Beckett’s not having it, but Castle is wide-eyed when the table starts shaking in the interrogation room with the girl (alas she is under stress and it is just her legs twitching against the table).

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As a winter’s dawn breaks, Castle and Beckett trace Madison’s movements down. Unknown to her parents, she had been pulling all nighters heisting jewelry and valuables from the private high school’s wealthy. She heisted one big fish worth 2.3 million dollars in German Bearer bonds. It wasn’t who she was stealing from, it was that she left a click of followers out of the pull. Chris, her “trusted” friend, found out she was in cahoots with a Lucas Troy, who is good with special effects. The video chat was actually a video made by Madison to mess with Chris, but Chris set it to look like it was a live call when she, and another girl in their group, was across town in a cab.

Lucas was forced to play both sides after Madison found out he had rigged the cafeteria event freaking out the whole school. Which if it got out, would probably get him kicked out of school. In the end Jordan found out that he was trying to protect her by scaring the mean girls away.

I felt this was a solid episode. With the supernatural, it is fun to see how Castle, Beckett and the crew will react. There was a creepy telekinetic doctor, an athletic ex-boyfriend of Madison, and even the father of the victim acting odd and leading to suspicion. There was also a Chinese mercenary who fled NYC after Madison used Lucas’ tricks to prey on his superstitious nature, so she could grab the 2.3 million dollars worth of bonds. But, it ends up being one of her partners in crime/friends.

No Martha or Alexis… but the wedding planning theme is nicely woven through the murder at hand. As a little epilogue, all those special effects Lucas said he did with magnets and fishing line? The NYPD couldn’t find any of those materials at his house or even traces of such in the crime scenes or material evidence. Lucas might have been more magical than he portrayed himself to be.

So, the episode ends with a double smooch by both couples. Jordan and Lucas who found high school love. Then Castle and Beckett, who each for different reasons, had missed their respective proms… now getting to dance, smooch to their song, “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle.

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Memorable quote:

Castle: “That is a superhuman feat, bordering on the impossible.” (Referring to someone throwing the victim into the ceiling to kill her).

Espositio: “So what’s your theory?”

Castle: “She mad The Hulk angry.”

Next Week: One murder, but too many confessing to be the killer… Castle is left speechless (a first for the series):

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