caper thumbnailNow that a group of superheroes have decided to be bad guys, how do they learn to be bad? Even if it’s to stand against a company that’s even worse? That’s the plot for Caper’s third episode, “Psycho Path.”

As the gang watch “Amper and Sand,” a show about cat cops (with the voice of Grant Imahara as the police chief), Alexia (Beth Reisgraf) is upset Penny (Abby Miller) won’t join in a plan to steal from Clarke Industries. Dagr (Hartley Sawyer) and Luke (Harry Shum Jr.), meanwhile, get into a silly argument that results in a fistfight that shows how they can take a punch, and dish it out. Then Penny shows up and says she’ll turn to crime, even if it’s “a different kind of justice.” After all, a bank owned by Clark Industries is about to take away her dad’s home. That’s going rogue, and with every right to do so.

However, Penny has ground rules: no one gets hurt and no super powers. The others don’t like those rules, but she points out it keeps them from being recognized.

So, how do you learn to be evil? They seek out a “teacher” named Psycho (Ricco Ross), who’s also a fan of TV shows about cat cops. Ross plays Psycho as a very tough guy, who apparently wasn’t always this way until he killed a guy named George Nada, his arch enemy.

“We’re not like you,” the gang says.
“Not now,” he replies, “Not yet.”

Considering this plan is to get back at Jason Clarke (Joel Gretsch), Psycho may be right. Being bad, even for legitimate reasons, can get addicting. Alexia may be the most likely to over back to the dark side, but what about the others?

Meanwhile, Clarke is trying to recreate Penny’s Machine suit, but is unsuccessful. He says Penny won’t be safe, not even with her super-roommates. Still, what can he do to get the suit? Maybe hire Psycho?

We already know the gang do break into Clarke Industries and get caught. But, a lot will happen before that.

New episodes of Caper premiere every Wednesday at Geek and Sundry’s channel and Hulu.

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