Alan Tudyk 2Alan Tudyk returned to Suburgatory this week, as Dr. Noah Werner is a changed man after a long anger management program. However, his plot may have been upstaged by Tessa accidentally joining a musical cult.

When ABC announced that Suburgatory would return for a third season, it had to make some cutbacks. Tudyk, who had appeared as George’s best friend every week, is now a semi-regular. In “Blame It On The Rain Stick,” Noah  just completed an 80-day anger management program that left him afraid to express anything. It even affected his ability to do his job. George (Jeremy Sisto) spent much of his time testing his friend’s resolve to stay calm. Seeing Noah so serene was pretty funny, and it leads to a Simon and Garfunkel duet with George in the park. However, as it happens in many sitcoms, something happens that sets Noah off, much to George’s relief.

The “B” story, which involves Tessa (Jane Levy) meeting a traveling new age band which is actually a cult, got a bit more attention. She met the band because she wanted to skip a new graduation requirement… learning how to tan. On top of that, the teacher was George’s ex, Dallas (Cheryl Hines). The best part was Mae Whitman (Parenthood) as Caris, the lead singer that expresses peace and love–unless you decide to leave the band.

Tudyk is expected to make more appearances this season. Suburgatory airs Wednesdays at 8:30 on ABC. Watch this and past episodes on their website.

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