Sarah Michelle Gellar Overshares on Conan

Sarah Michelle Gellar's dog Bella in homemade period pants
Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dog Bella in homemade period pants

SMG was on Conan on February 26 and we learned many new things about her.

1) While pregnant her bosom turned her into “Porn Star Hulk.”
2) Her breast pump makes a rather alarming sound.

3) She is very crafty and MacGyvered doggie period panties with her husband’s underwear and “really, really, really large” maxi-pads.

4) She steals things from other people’s closets.
5) She has a life-sized doll replica of Candice Bergen in her dressing room.
6) Seth Green knows the doll intimately and she’s not afraid to throw him under the bus for it.

We’re liking this wacky side of Sarah!

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1 thought on “Sarah Michelle Gellar Overshares on Conan

    Isis Nocturne

    (2014-02-28 - 2:51 pm)

    *dies laughing* Wow…. I never needed to know that about Sarah, but it’s so funny!

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