First of all I must apologize for not writing a review for last week’s episode however, I was having so many emotions and, as they say, feels about the episode that I just couldn’t formulate them into words. Poor Damon was trying his best not to kill his best friend and trying to fight the hunger to feed on vampires. Once again, Katherine had to swoop in and complicate things trying to force Stefan to stake his own brother, can we say witch!! The silver lining…the Mystic Falls gang knows!!

With last week’s episode behind us we move on to this week’s episode, “Gone Girl,” and admit it was probably one of the best episodes of the season thus far.


First of all, breathe! As the Mystic Falls gang tries to figure out a way to lure Katherine/Elena back to Mystic Falls, so they can stab her with the Traveler’s knife and get Elena back, the wicked witch of the vampires is trying to comfort her dying daughter who was bitten by Tyler Lockwood. Since asking Klaus for his blood isn’t an option, Katherine turns to Wes Maxfield to develop a cure.

Gone Girl

In Mystic Falls the gang is trying to convince Katherine/Elena to return home by enticing her with a surprise party for Bonnie, but when that doesn’t work Bonnie tries her hand at convincing her friend. Of course by this point Katherine is suspicious and calls Damon as a test to see if it was a trap. Since he fought so hard the last time to keep her away because he didn’t want to kill “Elena,” when he told her to come over so they could talk, Katherine knew her worst fears had come true…everyone knew the truth. As she always did in a bad situation, she decided that she had to run, but she refused to leave her daughter’s side hoping that Maxfield would find the cure before it as too late.

Of course, Katherine didn’t know that Damon had a plan of his own, get revenge on Maxfield for turning him into a vampire-craving monster. The gang in Mystic Falls determines that a locater spell is the best way of finding Katherine/Elena, so Bonnie, no longer a witch, enlists the help of one of her classmates who is a witch. She soon regrets it, as the new witch begins to show interest in Jeremy. None-the-less her spell works and we come to find out that Stefan has been planning to use Nadia, Katherine’s daughter, as leverage.

The distraught vampire mother, after seeing Maxfield’s dead body, courtesy of Damon, receives a phone call from Stefan letting her know that he has her daughter and she needs to come to Mystic Falls if she wants to say goodbye. Surprisingly she does and it is actually quite the touching and sad moment. All Nadia wanted was her mother and when she finally got the mother she’d always dreamt of, it was seconds before she died.


With her daughter gone, it seemed Katherine accepted her fate and tried to figure out who was going to deliver the final blow in a way only she could…saying her vicious goodbyes. It was Stefan however, who stabbed her and rid Mystic Falls of Katherine Pierce for good.

This was not the final twist of the episode, oh no! As Bonnie waited for Katherine to pass through her, the evil vampire doppelganger explained that she left Elena with a parting gift, a terrible virus that Maxfield created using the werewolf blood in Nadia’s system. This was to be her final evil task, as she was whisked away from Bonnie and taken to, what we can only assume was, Hell.

Gone Girl

So long Katherine Pierce may you not rest in peace!



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