James Marsters WWHe’s been a vampire, a time traveler, a nemesis for Clark Kent, and even an astronaut. He’s also got a band, and his son is one of its members.

James Marsters talked about his roles and his music during Wizard World Sacramento at the Convention Center. His panel was one of the most popular events over the weekend.


It may be nearly 17 years, but he still asked a lot about his role of Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In this video, one of the first questions from the crowd is whether Spike would have changed without a soul if Buffy did want him as a boyfriend.

He talked a lot about working for Joss Whedon on Buffy and Angel, including when he found out about the musical episode, “Once More With Feeling.” He said the “script” was on a cassette, with Joss singing all the songs. He admitted everyone was pretty concerned, but it turned out to be one of the best episodes in the show’s history. As James put it, “We jumped off the cliff, and we didn’t splat” and that it was “our finest hour.” He also talked about being Piccolo in Dragonball: Evolution and how it wasn’t as he expected, and what it was like to kiss John Barrowman on Torchwood.

Later, he talks abut how his son Sullivan joined Ghost of the Robot, and how it’s been great for both. He also compares Buffy to Twilight, as many people do.

Finally, he gives his opinion about acting, and shows what love song Spike might sing to Buffy, aside from “Rest in Peace” from “Once More with Feeling.”

James also talked about how it’s very difficult to do an audio version of the Dresden Files, especially when you have to do several characters while reading for hours at a time. “Artistically, the best time is when you just, when you jump off the cliff, because you have no choice, and you better start flappin’,” he said, “because otherwise you’re gonna fall. I find that some of the best artistic stuff happens in panic.”

His next project will be writing a special Spike graphic novel for Dark Horse called “Into the Light.” It’s supposed to take place sometime in the seventh season of the TV show.

To see Whedonopolis’ video playlist of Wizard World Sacramento, just click here or watch it below.

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