Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

***SPOILERS Below***

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! The crew at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts are trying to celebrate while not letting Simon know, as he absolutely hates the holiday. The episode opens with Andrew showing off one of his ideas for the charity float he’s working on for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade, which is quickly covered up when Simon arrives at the office. He reminds them that they’re going through another round of auditions for the Krispy Kreme campaign they’re working on at the same time. Simon does hear the piece Andrew is working on, since it plays the song Danny Boy, and goes off on a minor rant about the holiday.

Of course, the second he leaves, Andrew has a team of surprise guests show up- his sisters- and they’re ready to party and have fun (to the absolute horror of Zach, Sydney, and Lauren). I just adore Andrew’s sisters. They’re a bit of a nightmare, but they’re also direct, and when Sydney introduces herself, the sisters call her out on being “too good to go out with [their] Andy.” Words can’t describe how much I appreciate that as someone who is waiting for that relationship to happen. I also love that the sisters are all grade school teachers, since their vivacity reminds me of some of my own teachers from when I was a child. Those sisters are just the right amount of crazy, and they really helped me understand more of why Andrew acts the way he does.

Back on the other side of the office, the Krispy Kreme auditions are going on, and the man in charge of the campaign is about ready to give up on his original idea of a thin, model-type, “has it all” girl since he can’t find anyone he wants. Zach and Sydney suggest that he go for a more “everyday” kind of girl, and the Krispy Kreme executive goes for the idea, even suggesting that Sydney be the new Krispy Kreme girl. She’s thrilled, but as soon as she leaves the room, Lauren walks in and the executive ends up choosing her, because he feels she’s a representative of the kind of girl he wanted in the first place. The conflict in place is resolved neatly when Sydney, though clearly disappointed, offers to help Lauren with nailing her line.

Later that evening, Andrew, his sisters, and a few others from the office go out drinking. This leads to all kinds of badness for poor Zach. They also decorate the office, leading to Simon’s surprise the next morning when he arrives. At that point, he belts out my favorite joke of the episode. However, Andrew flips out at his sisters over the craziness, as well as what happened to Zach, and Simon ends up telling the staff to get rid of everything Saint Patrick’s Day at the office, including the charity float. The crisis grows bigger when Andrew brings the kids who are supposed to ride the float, along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar up to meet Simon. The time has come for crisis management. An entirely new float has to be built, and there’s nearly no time to do it. When it looks like their luck has run out, and there’s just too much to do to complete the float, help arrives in the form of Andrew’s sisters. They save the day, and the teamwork for the completion of the float led to my favorite moment in the episode, where everyone sits down with a drink and they have an open conversation about Saint Patrick’s Day.

This has been one of my favorite recent episodes of The Crazy Ones. The heart of the show is back where it belongs, with Zach, Andrew, Simon, Sydney, and Lauren showing how much they really care for one another. I also really enjoyed seeing what happened with Lauren and the Krispy Kreme commercial. It was hilarious! The episode flew by and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next new episode!

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