Tonight on Bones, a murder investigation reveals a victim’s checkered past. At the Smithsonian, a new intern from Cuba arrives and he is quite the ladies man. On the home front, Booth and Temperance discuss religion and it’s place in their daughter’s life.

****Spoilers Below****

A body is found in a septic tank, and as usual to investigate thoroughly, the entire tank has to be brought in. Not only that, but the only intern available is a new Cuban intern. His name is Rodolfo Fuentes, and as you can imagine, Brennan is not impressed, but will give him a shot.

Brennan is not happy that Fuentes correctly identified the body as a male. This guy is cocky and the typical latin lover. Although there is an immediate effect on the other girls, we all know Brennan is not falling for it. So she sends him in to do the dirty work; getting inside the septic tank. However, this guy is not going to disappoint. For all hardcore Bones fans, this episode does bring a little more variety with a new actor.

Although drowning was the cause of death, Fuentes discovers he was stabbed earlier, and it looks like a prison wound. Our vic tonight is Benny Jerguson, a 24 year old who served time for grand theft auto. According to the first of many interviews with potential leads and suspects, he seemed to have turned a new leaf… even went to bible studies. He didn’t have problems according to his parole officer, and worked as a repo man. There are gonna be a lot of suspects; potentially everyone he came into contact with at work. His boss at the repo company, is a good place to start. She is mean and sends them in a totally different direction. But as we all know, every lead must be followed. Booth and Sweets go to talk to a drug dealer/food truck owner that once threatened Benny, and catch him selling drugs. He will be the first to be interrogated. It’s gonna be a long night folks!

Hodgins, Camille, and Fuentes figure out a lot from the remains, even the car that was associated with the murder. But it’s all they have to go on. It seems the murderer may have been in the car with our victim. To add to the mess, another suspect with a lot of motive comes to light; an old friend who Benny may have ratted out. Once they find this guy, it turns into a chase. Not only is it a chase, but it ends up being the most ridiculous fight I’ve seen yet: in a kitchen with knives, lettuce throwing, and pots and pans… oh my. This suspect seems legit, and it looks like Benny had planned to steal a car again. Who knows if we can believe this convict.

With awesome teamwork Brennan realizes the killer’s head and body must have sustained injuries, so they can find the murderer this way. Sweets also finds crucial information, and they know they have to bring in the parole officer. They trick him into going through an x-ray machine… and Brennan dresses up like a cop to run the machine. It’s brilliant, and it works. The parole officer murdered Benny, and his body had all the evidence they need.

In the lab, Brennan and Fuentes keep working with a lot of tension. He says that he suspects one day they will make love. Ha, come on brother… that is not how Temperance works! Then over lunch she talks to Booth about this new snotty intern, while Booth keeps trying to push church on Bones. He uses some fancy facts Sweets gives him, but Dr. Brennan isn’t buying it. Then Brennan tells Booth, that the intern wants to have sex with her. Although he is upset at first, Bones goes on to say the sweetest thing I think I have ever heard. It’s a love that everyone should have… aww Brennan. She is good with words, really good… and for those of who love love, it’s perfect.

Everyone ends up liking Fuentes, and he actually is the reason Brennan decides to let her daughter go to church. It was Fuentes talking about the right to believe that really got to Temperance. Booth will take it 😉 It is a compromise after all, and we end on a happy note. Next week, looks like it’s gonna be a really fun episode, so see you then and goodnight.

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