Guilty, until “presumed innocent,” right, Norma? That is something she has trouble grappling with in this episode. After the crazy ending of last week’s episode, anything could happen this week.

Norma heads to the city council office. She is concerned about Norman (no surprise there) and we cut to Norman looking bloodied in the back of a cop car. Norma is given a bunch of papers and a whole new office, before fellow councilman, Max, calls Norma into his office. He seems astounded that she just got this position…but, before they can get deeper into it, Sheriff Romero arrives. Something has happened.

Norma begins her descent into a paranoid freakout as she tries to figure out what happened. Romero tells her there was a fight and Cody Brennan’s father is dead. Her face is perfect at this news. Romero tries to calm her down, saying they are still figuring it out.


At the station, Norman gets his mugshot and his DNA swabbed by a pushy deputy named Patty Lin (Agam Darshi). He is not looking good and doesn’t seem to understand that he can’t leave or see Cody yet.

Emma arrives and tries to soothe Norma in the waiting room. Apparently, the gossip about what happened at Cody’s house has spread throughout town. Emma wants to stay all night with Norma, but Norma insists she go to watch the motel instead. Jeez, Emma it is sad that you have nothing better to do then be involved in the lives of the Bates Family.

Romero seems mildly annoyed by the eager and persistent Deputy Lynn, who wants to send the Norman samples to her friend and get to the bottom of this right away. Norma, too, is getting annoyed with the loud texting secretary in the waiting room. She almost completely loses her cool when she is told that they are ready for her. She rushes in to Norman and hugs him, before immediately telling Norman that he can’t say anything about his blackouts! Norman gets upset at his mother because he can tell she doesn’t believe him. There is a doubt of his innocence in her face, and she can’t completely trust Norman’s innocence yet. Romero comes to get Norman to interview him, and Norma wants to be in there with him, but Norman spitefully says he doesn’t want her in there, reducing Norma to a fit of nerves as she watches through the glass.

Norman relays the same story to the Sheriff as he did before: “It was an accident. He was abusing her!” etc. He asks what is going to happen to Cody and Romero tells him that she will be sent off to her next of kin: an aunt.

George (Michael Vartan) suddenly shows up at the station to comfort Norma. Norma starts sobbing to him her version of Norman’s story. She later follows Cody into the bathroom, demanding that she not tell the police about Norman’s blackouts. Cody asks “Is there something wrong with Norman’s blackouts? It is connected?” She doesn’t understand the connection, and Norma doesn’t answer her as they are interrupted.

George continues to comfort Norma, hugging her just as Norman exits his interview. He, of course, looks jealous, but then he sees Cody. She doesn’t respond to his, “Are you okay?” which makes him even more angry.


Meanwhile, Emma meets with Dylan to tell him about Norman’s accident and that he should be there for his mother and brother. But, he just doesn’t care because they don’t care about him. On one hand, good point Dylan. On the other hand, whine, whine, whine. Emma plays the guilt card before stomping off. Seriously, why does Emma care so much about this family? Just like Elsa in the hit Disney film “Frozen,” Emma needs to “let it go!” Dylan has his own stuff to deal with (more on that later).


Back at home the next day, we get a shot of an apron…it’s Norman wearing the very matronly apron, cooking eggs. He testily asks his mother why George was at the police station. She says he was trying to help and he doesn’t think Norman did anything wrong. Norman quickly shoots back that his own mother doesn’t even believe him, though. Norman throws a hissy fit and runs down to the motel where he meets Emma. He tells her that he isn’t mad at her, but he can never trust her again. Emma said she was just worried for him. Oddly, both of them seem content and happy about this rather dreadful conversation.


Later, Norman gets a text from Cody. She is outside, standing by her car, still looking like a wannabe badass. Norman apologizes, but Cody seems okay, saying her dad won’t get to blame her anymore. She then says she is leaving, going to live with her cat-obsessed aunt in Indiana. Norman wants to keep up the communication, but Cody would rather just say goodbye, and leave it at that. They kiss passionately. Cody then tells Norman what Norma said in the bathroom, about his blackouts, warning him that Norma is scared of him and not telling him something.

Romero arrives at the motel to tell Norma that Cody’s dad’s death is being ruled an accident. Norma is elated. She giddily runs up to the house like an idiot and goes to hug Norman. He stands creepily on the topmost stair of the stairs. He doesn’t seem too thrilled by this news. Instead, he tells Norma about Cody leaving forever and then how Cody said Norma was lying to him and that something is wrong with him. “Who am I and what do I do?” shouts Norman. Norma starts crying, shouting how she loves her son and Cody is crazy, but it’s true, but he can’t ever ask her about it again. She says she knows Norman better than anyone else. Norman responds by silently leaving… Oh, this family!


And in the unrelated Dylan-Zane-drug sideplot, Dylan goes along with Zane and his goons to raid Nick Ford’s warehouse. Both Zane and Remo seem to know what boss-lady, Jodi, is doing with Dylan. Zane tells him he better watch him closely. Dylan tries to persuade them not to raid the warehouse, so Zane butts Dylan in the head with his gun, and raids the warehouse anyways. Oh, by the way, who cares about this plot?! Seriously, this is the worst side plot in the history of side plots!

Now, on to the real shocker, Romero gets a call from his proactive deputy Lin. Her friend got back to her about Norman and she logged him into her system. Norman matches the unknown semen sample found in Miss Watson. AH! WHAT! I mean, sort of guessed it, but WHOA! Game changer! Romero’s face says it all.

Only three episodes left you guys! Anything can happen. Will Norman lose it? Will Norma lose it? Will we all lose it? Please comment below with any questions, comments, concerns, or musings.

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