Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

***SPOILERS Below***

The season finale of The Crazy Ones was comprised of two regular episodes – ‘”The Monster” and “The Lighthouse,” which aired back to back. It made for a fun, if slightly sad night of television, as there is still no word from CBS as to whether or not they will be renewing the show.

“The Monster” focused on an ad campaign to save a library, which Gordon doesn’t want Lewis, Roberts + Roberts involved in, especially since it’s pro bono work. Instead, he ends up being the poster boy for the campaign. Of course, everything except for saving the library goes wrong, with Gordon eventually accidentally starting a real book burning.

As a whole, I didn’t like this episode as much as I wanted to. I’m a voracious reader, so to see a book burning, even knowing that it’s not real, is highly upsetting to me. However, I did like that there was a clear set up for the second half of the season finale, “The Lighthouse,” when this episode ended. It was well done and had me excited to meet Sydney’s mother. I also enjoyed that Gayle King had a quick cameo as herself and that Sydney’s assistant, Allie, was back after being absent in the previous episode.

Of the hour that The Crazy Ones filled for the season finale, I enjoyed the second episode, “The Lighthouse,” far more than “The Monster.” In this episode, we finally met Sydney’s mother, Paige (Marilu Henner), due to the fact that another company wants to buy out Lewis, Roberts + Roberts and she’s on the board. Gordon is absolutely for selling the company, but Simon is vehemently against it. As they can’t agree, Gordon calls a board meeting so there can be a vote. The rest of the episode involves both men trying to woo Paige to their sides, since she will cast the deciding vote, and Paige wanting to spend time with Sydney.

I thought the back and forth between Paige and Simon was hilarious, as was seeing Gordon attempting to one-up him by playing the stereotypical gay best friend. Both men tried too hard, and it was clear to all that Paige was taking full advantage of the situation to benefit herself. However, in between that, she was making time to hang out with Sydney, and Sydney was overjoyed to be spending time with her mother. The two had some great bonding moments over Sydney’s jealousy that Allie and Andrew were dating. I also loved how Paige actually got Sydney to act at the end of the episode. Though she proved once again that her word isn’t worth very much, it pushed Sydney to do something I’ve been dying to see all season! She kissed Andrew! The only problem is, we don’t know what happened after the kiss.

Overall, I liked the season finale, and desperately hope to see CBS give The Crazy Ones a second season. Did you enjoy the season finale? What would you like to see happen if a season two is announced? Let us know in the comments!

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