The Travelers have come up with something new and it is guaranteed to turn Mystic Falls into a worse nightmare than our favorite gang could have anticipated.


Has everyone recovered from last week’s Delana break-up? No, I didn’t think so. It’s okay neither have I. We begin our adventure with Stefan and Elena being study buddies, while Bonnie tries to accept the fact that if the other side is destroyed it’s bye-bye Bon…for good. Which is something that Elena refuses to go through again. Of course, Bonnie believes her new witch friend, Liv, will help her figure out a loophole.

Man on Fire

The Travelers however, won’t make anything easier in Mystic Falls for anyone. They have found a way to use the Doppelganger blood to undo witch magic. With the witch, Sloan’s help, the Travelers plan to turn her into a vampire to test their blood theory.

Meanwhile Enzo, the sexy vampire and BFF of one Damon Salvatore, has found the love of his life, Maggie, but in a far different state than he would have liked. Poor Maggie was decapitated and her death was made to look like Stefan’s ripper was the responsible party. This does not bode well for the good-hearted vampire.


All vengeful and murderous, Enzo finds Stefan and promises to pay him back for the devastation he has caused on Maggie. In an effort to get Stefan to confess his sin against the love of his life, Enzo ties up both Stefan and Elena and tortures the do-gooder Salvatore. However, as it turns out, unsurprisingly, it was actually Damon who murdered Enzo’s girlfriend and set it up to look like Stefan did it. Damon attempts to make peace with Enzo to convince him to leave Mystic Falls with him and make a new start,  instead Enzo pulls one of Damon’s moves, he turns off his humanity and runs off with Elena.

The Travelers have successfully turned Sloan into a vampire and used the blood to undo the witch magic; a success in their eyes, but poor Sloan reverts back to her human self and dies instantly. It is the Travelers plans to unleash their new spell on the whole of Mystic Falls, which doesn’t bode well for any of our favorite vampires.


Meanwhile Enzo has taken Elena to the Whitmore campus and is determined to kill her, so Damon will feel the same pain he felt when losing Maggie. Luckily for Elena, Stefan is still the hero and comes to her rescue. As Stefan digs his hand into Enzo’s chest in an attempt to run him out of town, Damon’s friend decides to kill himself by pulling away from Stefan, heart in hand.

Damon is already on edge and if he finds out that his brother killed his best friend, well, we all know how Damon handles those types of situations. Now we’re left with deadly Travelers and a vengeful Enzo ghost! Dun dun duh!!

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