A secluded cabin, four vampires, two of whom have both dated Elena Gilbert, the Doppelganger herself and one pissed off Enzo ghost, yeah that doesn’t spell disaster or anything!


Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline have shacked up at Caroline’s deceased father’s cabin in the woods in the hopes of hiding from the Travelers long enough for the gang to figure out how to get rid of them and fix the other side. Of course, drinking games were going to be involved. You can’t have a cabin of two brothers both now ex-boyfriends of the same girl without a little alcohol in the mix.

What Lies Beneath

Since Stefan killed Enzo, kind of inadvertently, he and Elena have been very hush, hush around Damon and naturally Caroline grows suspicious that the former lovers have rekindled their flame. Damon however, is convinced, and rightly so, that their secrecy has to do with Enzo’s whereabouts. Little does anyone know that ghost Enzo has realized he can touch things even in his ghostly form because the other side is crumbling, and he is out for revenge. As the “Never have I ever,” game grows too intense of Elena, she decides it best to take a nice hot bath before bed. Enzo, vengeful and all, decides to stir up trouble and tries to drown Elena leaving her with no choice but to tell Damon the truth.

Meanwhile Tyler has escaped the Traveler’s and asks Matt, Bonnie and Jeremy for help to rid himself of Julian who has traveled inside him. However, the Travelers were also trying to rid themselves of one very strong hybrid and are trying to make Julian permanent inside Tyler’s body.


Back at the ghost-filled cabin, Damon does something un-Damon-like, he calmly approaches Stefan about Enzo’s death, which we later find out is because he didn’t want to prove to Elena that he truly wasn’t good for her…awww!!

In a last stitch effort to get Enzo to back off on his revenge plan, Damon vows to bring him back to life, whatever the cost, and the gang is at least freed from his ghostly rage. Unfortunately, things don’t look so good for Tyler, as it seems the Travelers have completed their plan to make Julian a permanent resident in Tyler’s body.

As all Vampire Diaries episodes do, this one ended in a painstaking cliffhanger, as the Travelers have found the secluded cabin and have come for Elena and Stefan to complete their plan of ridding the world of witch magic and vampirism!

What Lies Beneath

If this is setting up for the finale we are in for one wild ride! Hold tight everyone I smell a body count!

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