Season Two’s epic conclusion has finally arrived and the Bates family will never be the same. Let’s get this baby started: Norman starts this episode still stuck in the box in the woods. Luckily for him, Sheriff Romero and Dylan, fresh from killing Nick Ford, are able to find him after Romero discovers one of Nick’s lackeys robbing Nick’s house and interrogates him. Dylan and Romero search a field and Norman hears Dylan’s screams. He is saved! Aw! It was good to see Dylan and Norman reunite in a genuine brotherly embrace.

At the hospital, a frantic Norma arrives. She is so glad Dylan found him. She says she loves Dylan, something I don’t think she has ever said before. Norman, in his semi-consciousness, pulls his mother in close and tells her he has to tell her something about Miss Watson and his dreams, but Norma shushes him and tells him to put it out of his head. Clearly, Norma hasn’t taken lessons in the denial and acceptance of issues.

Back at the motel, Norma helps Norman up to the house while pestering Emma questions them. I thought she didn’t care anymore? Norma lies to her again and tells Norman that Emma is quitting. Norman doesn’t understand why. Norma ignores his concern saying she wants to make him a pot roast! She heads to the store where she runs into Christine, another person who has their nose up the Bates family drama. Christine is not happy though, after Norma went off on her brother last week. Christine is all pissy, saying she is having dinner with the mayor and Norma’s new council seat probably will be in jeopardy. Oh shut up, Christine! You were meddlesome and annoying.

Back at home, Norma’s pot roast is ready. Norman still wants to tell his mother about his “dreams.” Norma says she already knows: she talked with Romero and she knows he slept with her and that’s it. But Norman takes it a step further, saying they are memories and not only did he have sex with her, but he also killed her! SILENCE. Norma can’t make sense of this. She doesn’t want to believe it. Norman regresses into a more devious-looking anger as he persists that it is the truth, pushing Norma to her breaking point. She screams and tells him to stop, grabbing her butter knife and trying to change the subject. Ugh! Why can’t Norma just accept it and help Norman instead of living in denial? Later, Norman goes up to his mother’s room and finds her gun. What is he going to do!? Dun, dun, dun…


Later, Norma searches for flights to Montreal. She really is not smart at all. Romero arrives with the notice of Norman’s upcoming polygraph test. Norma tries to get him to delay, but he doesn’t relent. He needs to know the truth. Meanwhile, Norman writes a to-do list (suicide list?) and the last item on the list is “Mother.” Emma brings up one of Norman’s book as he cleans his room. She is still sad about being left out, so Norman finally decides to tell her something! He tells her that Norma was raped by her brother, resulting in Dylan. Emma is saddened, but promises not to tell anyone. Hopefully, this will satisfy her need to be nosy.


Meanwhile, in the Dylan-Zane drug plot line, Jodi calls her brother and asks him to come to her house. Little does he know (or does he?) that Romero and Dylan are also there. Later, the lights suddenly go out. Romero goes to investigate, telling Jodi and Dylan to stay in a bedroom. Of course, neither listens. Jodi goes to get a gun, but meets Zane. They get into a standoff before Jodi slashes Zane with a knife and he shoots her. Zane is about to shoot Dylan, when Romero appears and shoots Zane. Kill that plot line! Woo! Romero than dictates to Dylan what the story is going to be: Dylan was never there. Dylan wonders why Romero is giving him a free pass and Romero lays it down. There is now a power vacuum and whoever fills it needs to understand the rules. Dylan doesn’t want that position, but it looks like he’s gonna have to fill it. But let us all take a moment to rejoice at the death of Zane! YAY!


Norman has almost everything off his “to-do” list checked off, except for “Mother.” Norman is being very peppy and happy after they bake an apple pie together. He puts on a record and wants to dance with her. He says she is the best mother in the world, which makes me very sad. Later, Norma and Dylan meet in a random field. Norma tells Dylan about Norman’s belief that he killed Miss Watson and her plan to go to Montreal. She bought three, that’s right, three, tickets to Montreal. Aw. Dylan looks so happy to be included. Norma apologizes for everything and the two hug it out like never before.

Despite the touching forgiveness, Dylan thinks its best to have Norman take the test. If Norma really wants to protect him, they have to know the truth! Norma returns home to find a creepy bird gift from Norman. The note says: “We will always be a part of each other.” Norma knows something is wrong. She searches the house and motel for Norman. Emma tells her that Norman went across the street to the woods. Norma runs, finding Norman and a chase ensues. Norman trips, Norma tackles him, and they have a semi-fight.

Norman holds the gun to Norma’s head and asks about his blackouts and the day his father died. Norma tells him the truth (finally!) that he was hurting her and Norman was just protecting her. She cries, saying they have to be together. She finally is able to get the gun from Norman and plants a weirdly unmotherly kiss on Norman’s lips. Very uncomfortable. Mother wins.


A creepy, slow montage follows that leads Norma, Norman, and Dylan to the polygraph test. Norman answers all of the questions with a yes, but when it comes to the “murder” question, Norman has a vision of his mother, dressed in cutesy 50s garb no less, who says that she is the one who killed Miss Watson. Apparently, the polygraph read it as truth, because Romero’s friend comes out and declares that Norman passed the test and is innocent. What a relief! Norman didn’t kill her, mother did… and it is all in Norman’s face… AHHH! Perfect shot for any fan of “Psycho.”

So, what did you guys think of the finale and season? It got off to a rocky start, but picked up steam when focusing on Norman and Norma. The whole Dylan drug war side plot and Emma’s lack of story definitely were the lower points of the season. Comment below with your thoughts, questions, and concerns on the season. It ended well enough, though I wanted more of a blow out. I’m glad Zane and Jodi, who served no purpose, are gone. Here’s hoping season three will give us more uncomfortable creepiness and more of Norman as Mother, because that is where the show really shines. Thanks for a great season!

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