Myka, Artie, and Pete find themselves in a Spanish soap opera in this week's Warehouse 13. Photo Credit:

Myka, Artie, and Pete find themselves in a Spanish soap opera in this week’s Warehouse 13. Photo Credit:

***SPOILERS Below***

There are very few shows that can be as quirky as Warehouse 13 is and get away with it. In this week’s episode, the show took their hijinks to a whole new level, and I loved it! Warehouse 13 opened with Artie wanting Claudia to work on something other than trying to find a solution to save Claire, so he sends her and Jinks to a college campus where a student recently passed out while in the middle of giving a presentation. When he’s checked at the hospital, it’s discovered that the student had spinal damage and alcohol poisoning. When Claudia and Jinks start to investigate, they talk to a frat boy named Bryce, who is head of the frat house where the injured student was pledging. He is evasive and clearly hiding something, so Claudia and Jinks decide to see what’s up by going to a frat party later that evening.

While at the party, Jinks sneaks into a secret ceremony where he discovers Bryce holding a large candle that burns at both ends. As he prepares to bag the artifact, he is caught and Bryce hurls the candle’s hot wax at him. Claudia hears him screaming and runs in to see that Jinks has been split into two sides of his personality – one that is super stoic and mean, and the other who is stereotypically gay. The moment is hilarious, and very quickly reminded me of the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the same thing happens to Xander. Of course, both halves of Jinks absolutely can’t stand each other, but they suck it up so that they can find the candle and deactivate it.

Jinks, Claudia, and Jinks. Thanks, artifact. Photo Credit:

Jinks, Claudia, and Jinks. Thanks, artifact. Photo Credit:

Well, it actually turns out that stereotypically gay Jinks starts to flirt with a gay guy who is in denial, and even goes so far as to dance on top of a table. Stoic Jinks and Claudia work together to find the candle, but once they have it and disable it, the two versions of Jinks are still separate. Claudia then remembers that each of the other victims only rejoined when one of their split selves went unconscious. She shoots flirty Jinks with her Tesla, and he turns into a shadow and finally rejoins the stoic Jinks.

In the mean time, Pete and Myka are visited by Pete’s old girlfriend, Kelly. She tells them her grandmother’s TV is possessed, and that her grandmother was sucked into her favorite telenova while she was watching it. The three go to Kelly’s grandmother’s house, and see Kelly’s grandmother in the telenova. Kelly is worried, and leans in toward the TV while Myka tries to stop her. However, in doing so, both ladies are pulled into the show, and become the characters they take over, completely forgetting who they really are. Artie and Pete also come into the telenova, once Artie grabs an artifact that allows those who hold it to remember who they are.

Prior to joining Myka and Kelly in the telenova, Pete and Artie had also searched for the artifact, and realized that it was the brooch that Kelly’s grandmother was sent by the telenova for being such a huge fan. Her love of the show has turned it into an artifact. As such, when everyone became characters and forgot who they were, they were all cast as leads. Pete became Armando, the love interest for Carmen (who is now played by Kelly) and secretly in love with Maribel (Myka). He arrives alone, separated from Artie, and manages to track him down. Artie has become another character who is locked up in a mental hospital, thanks to Carmen’s mother Alicia. (She has put him into the mental hospital to prevent Dona Fausta (Kelly’s grandmother) from writing them out of her will.)

Since there’s only two pieces of the artifact (it’s a pair of cufflinks), there’s always two Warehouse agents who know what’s going on while the third is completely part of the show. This leads to a lot of hilarious moments as everyone tries to figure out what’s going on. It’s a bit of a circus and one of my favorite things about this episode! While the insanity goes down (I can’t spoil everything for you, now can I?), Artie manages to find the artifact and neutralizes it, which pulls everyone back into the real world. In a touching moment, Kelly thanks Pete for saving everyone, and Pete tells her he’s sorry they didn’t work out. Kelly then tells him she knew it wouldn’t work because he’s in love with Myka, and leaves Pete with his jaw dropped and deeply in thought.

Of everything in the episode, the ending was the worst moment for me. I have loved Warehouse 13 since I saw the pilot, and I have never wanted a main pairing to stay as friends as much as I do Pete and Myka. It feels like the show is trying to shoehorn in a romance at the very end between the two, and it doesn’t feel realistic to me. But as a whole, this episode had me laughing throughout, especially when Pete, Myka, and Artie are all speaking Spanish while in the world of the telenova. Kudos to the cast and writers for that bit of brilliance!

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