Comic-Con 2009: Doctor Who/Torchwood Screening IntroSix months ago, BBC celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with a special 3-D showing of The Day of the Doctor, featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant. Next month, Tennant will be back again for a special two-day event in theaters, featuring a classic Doctor Who story and the premiere of a 3-D documentary.




Fathom Events will present “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel” on June 16th, followed by the 3-D documentary BBC Earth’s Wings on the 17th. “Cybermen” and “Steel” feature Tennant as the Tenth Doctor with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith. They land in a parallel Earth where Rose’s father is alive. However, it’s also where a sinister man is planning the revival of one of the Doctor’s oldest enemies, the Cybermen. The story also marks Smith’s final story as Mickey, although he does return later in the series. After the movie, Tennant will appear for a new interview.

doctor who age of steel

Through special 3-D cameras, and narration by Tennant, Wings 3D gives viewers a unique look at some of the most iconic places in the world from a bird’s eye view.  It includes snow geese flying  through Monument Valley and New York City, vultures ascending miles above the earth then diving down to huge wildebeest herds below, and scarlet macaws moving through the rainforest.


Soumya Sriraman, EVP of Licensing and Home Entertainment for BBC Worldwide North America, says “Once again we are bringing Doctor Who to theaters to give fans a new way to experience the Tenth Doctor – David Tennant, and we are making it extra special with a two-night theatrical event for Tennant fans across the country. From the finest in science fiction to the best of natural history, there will be something for everyone to enjoy- all on the same ticket.”

Tickets will be available starting May 15th. For more information, including which theaters will show the event, visit


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