Help Kickstart Dragon Warriors starring James Marsters!

James Marsters is starring in a new independent film called Dragon Warriors and they need your help to complete it!

The movie is already filmed, but they need funding to complete the special effects (and pay the composer). Their Kickstarter only has a couple of days left, but they are close to their goal. Giving just a few dollars to the Dragon Warriors Kickstarter can help complete this exciting new project!

Here is a quick word from James on the subject…

Dragon Warriors is a fantasy project filmed entirely on a green screen stage! All of the backgrounds are 100% digitally created, which leaves no end to the possiblities!

Watch this amazing behind the scenes look at Dragon Warriors.

The film is scheduled for release in Fall of 2014, if they can get funding. So give what you can and help get this film finished!

You can find more information and the Dragon Warriors Kickstarter HERE.

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