Claudia's sister Claire is in a bit of trouble thanks to the Alternate Universe version of Benedict Valda. (Photo Credit: SyFy)

Claudia’s sister Claire is in a bit of trouble thanks to the Alternate Universe version of Benedict Valda. (Photo Credit: SyFy)

There is only one episode left of Warehouse 13. How can this possibly have happened?

In this episode of Warehouse 13, everyone is searching for Claire, who has vanished. Using one of the tools that we haven’t seen in forever, the durational spectrometer, the team discovers that the alternate timeline version of Benedict Valda has grabbed her from right under their noses, as well as living in the Warehouse in the Dead Regents sector. His spying and eavesdropping from within is what allows him to discover Claire and nab her. While chasing him down, Pete and Myka discover that Valda has used the record player artifact to put a park full of people into comas. Claudia shows up with Charles Atlas’ exercise trunks just when things start to get really bad, and Myka puts them on and is able to save everyone.

With the three agents in the field, Artie and Jinks discover that Valda’s ultimate plan is to move the Warehouse to China, which would essentially close Warehouse 13 and create Warehouse 14. Again, Pete, Myka, and Claudia chase Valda down to try and collect the artifacts he needs to make the move possible. But now he’s awakened Claire and is using a mind control artifact on her, causing her to work with him and nearly kill Claudia with a chunk of wall she’s holding aloft with her powers. While this is happening, Claudia can see that Claire is trying to fight Valda’s control, but can do nothing to help her sister fight.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie and Jinks are using every trick they can possibly think of to stop another part of Valda’s plan (it involves a compass and a wheel that help to move the artifacts to the new Warehouse location), but nothing is working. At this point, the only way to stop the completion of Warehouse 14 being created is to stop Valda from striking another artifact- a hammer- against the cornerstone of the new building. However, he still has Claire under his control, so the team that has magically made it to China tries to stop her. Nothing works until Claudia starts singing the song that she and Claire sang together on the day she was awake. It works! Claire manages to break the link between her and Valda. Thinking quickly, Claudia has an idea to get the energy of the music box artifact out of Claire – reverse the direction of the mind control artifact Claire is still wearing so that Valda gets that energy. Pete agrees and expands on the idea by suggesting that if it’s done right, he can grab the artifact that allows this evil Valda to exist, then Claire will transfer the energy, and then Pete can bag the fork and Valda will be gone.

The idea is actually crazy enough to work, and it does once Myka and Pete work together. Better yet, they’ve stopped the Warehouse move in its process. Artifacts begin to disappear around them, headed home to Warehouse 13. Better yet, Claudia now has Claire back! However, Pete’s disturbed by the realization that he is actually in love with Myka. His talk with Jinks does nothing to help him with this realization. At the same time, Myka’s more worried about the fact that, though the move of Warehouse 13 has been stopped, one of the artifacts that is part of the move is still glowing like it’s activated. The trouble never ends for the agents of Warehouse 13.

I loved most of this episode, but I cannot go into enough detail to explain how upset I am by Warehouse 13 pulling the “friendly partnership is now a romantic partnership” trick. It’s old, clichéd, and we the viewers deserve better. With only the series finalé left to air, I wish this wasn’t happening. I feel like it’s a huge let down after five years of loving a show that did not need this kind of maneuver.

What did you think of this episode of Warehouse 13? Are you ready for the show to be over? Let us know in the comments!

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