Spooked logo Geek and SundryTwo married women are planning a romantic evening, but are plagued by strange noises in their house.

Donna (Alison Haislip) isn’t surprised. She claims it’s her wife, Carol-Anne’s (Dichen Lachman), father showing his disapproval over the girls’ relationship…from beyond the grave. She also says ignoring the problem won’t make him go away.

So, who’re they gonna call?

In this case, it’s a group of ghost hunters who live in an RV and work cheap, and the stars of Geek and Sundry’s new sitcom, Spooked.

The Paranomal Investigation Team (PIT) is led by Connor (Julian Curtis), who takes care of his sister, Piper (Shyloh Oostwald). She hasn’t talked since their parents died, but seems to be able to communicate with ghosts. Her blank stare while she sips from her juice box reveals more than dialogue. They’re joined by Morgan (Ashley Johnson), an occult specialist who’s familiar with Wiccan beliefs and voodoo, Lindsay (Neal Grayston, Eureka), the resident skeptic and cameraman, and Elliot (Derek Mio), who left a career as a professional gamer to battle the supernatural. He also takes too many Polaroids and has the worst pick-up lines, especially towards Morgan.

Connor insists using his sister to investigate the paranormal may be a good way to deal with the loss of their parents. That’s why he got the crew together. There might be a bit of a connection with Morgan, as they’re both facing the supernatural. Elliot hopes being with the PIT could lead to some internet fame. Lindsay sometimes explains paranormal events as psychological problems, but he has another reason for being part of the team

The pilot does a fine job showing the crew in action, and weaving in everyone’s backstories. Haislip and Lachman are also good as the couple. It Spooked pilot Geek and Sundrywas a good idea to have Carol-Anne resist the idea her dad is the angry ghost until she finds out what he’s really saying. There’s also callbacks to the original Poltergeist along with Ghost, Casper and Beetlejuice.

Felicia Day, one of the executive producers, co-wrote the first episode with creator Michael Gene Conti. Along with Day, the other executive producers include Bryan Singer (X-Men, House), Jason Taylor and Sheri Bryant.

New episodes of Spooked are presented every Wednesday at Geek and Sundry and Hulu. Three more are expected but here’s the first episode:

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