The Last Ship logoSci-Fi fans have been introduced to life after a zombie uprising, nuclear war, and a war against angels. Now, people will experience life on Earth after a major pandemic has killed billions, and the efforts to find a cure, all set aboard a US Navy destroyer.
TNT’s new show, The Last Ship, is based on a book written in 1988 by William Brinkley. The only difference is that the ship’s situation in the book is set after a nuclear war against Russia. Although the orginal crisis is different, there is still conflict and fear


The USS Nathan James, headed by Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane),  is sent to the Arctic for a missle test. It also brings aboard Dr. Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra), where she is conducting special tests. After four months, the crew is set to leave, but suddenly some Russian helicopters show up, gunning for Scott. It seems they are aware of her real mission: finding a cure for the virus that has killed four out of five people globally and they want that cure. This is THE LAST SHIP Mitra and Danenews to Chandler, setting up a confrontation against Scott that is a bit melodramatic.  She reveals her real mission, which was authorized by the White House. In short, she says,  “The world is sick, Captain Chandler.”

It’s more than sick, though. It’s become desperate. The ship is slowed down by a mysterious EMP, while many governments have ceased to exist.

Michael Bay is one of the executive producers,  which means lots of action. The battle between the Navy and the rogue Russians was pretty good. There’s also a heart-breaking scene as Chandler gets a video message from his family, and a scary discovery after crew members investigate a stranded cruise liner.

Bane is good as Chandler, who is put in a very difficult position, but handles it as well as he can. Adam Baldwin, from Firefly, Angel and Chuck, is cast in the role of XO Mike Slattery. He’s portrayed as a more professional version of Jayne Cobb. Like most of the crew, including Chandler, he has lost friends and family in the pandemic.

last-ship adam baldwinJudging from the extended trailer, the crew will meet other people who may or may not have been infected, and the rogue Russians still want the cure. The Last Ship is a good Sunday night show to check out now that Game of Thrones and Mad Men are off for a while. It’s an interesting view on what happens when the last sign of civilization exists aboard a Navy destroyer, and how it handles a world decimated by disease.

New episodes air Sundays at 9 PM on TNT.





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