It’s Episode Three and we are still stuck Under the Dome with no answers anywhere in sight. But by the end of the episode, some things will be revealed, specifically the name and identity of Creepy Girl. Yay. Speaking of Creepy Girl, she gets caught snooping through Barbie’s things. He catches her and she says she is just searching for something to spark her memory because she feels like she knows Barbie. Barbie is upset, but Julia steadfastly defends the girl. They all head to Big Jim’s Citizen Registration meeting.

julia2Before arriving himself, Big Jim gets a shave from a barber named Lyle (Dwight Yoakam), who resembles Doc from “Back to the Future.” Big Jim expresses his interest in number one science teacher, Rebecca Pine. In the cafe, the townspeople register their information. A concerned Joe brings up to Julia that one of the Four Hands (Angie) is now dead. Barber Lyle overhears. Rebecca assigns Joe and Norrie to go to the school to help her with something (electricity related). Creepy Girl wants to go and Julia reluctantly let’s her go.

Meanwhile, Sam and Junior talk about Angie and his blackouts. Sam tells Junior his mother used to have blackouts and would go back to where she had them and gets flashes. Junior decides to head to the school to see if anything happens. Thunder rumbles in the air. It’s going to rain…but, not just any rain. It’s blood rain (Or is it!). And not only does it look like blood, but it burns! Rebecca determines it’s not blood, but is being caused by some sort of weird red algae build up. Lyle the Barber disagrees. He thinks it is the ten plagues! Rebecca tries to reason with him using science and logic, but Lyle the Barber says he follows the Bible. Good move, CBS. Literal Science versus Literal Faith.

At the school, Joe, Norrie, and Creepy Girl run into unhinged Junior. He lies about what he is doing, but they all realize they are stuck in the school because of the burning, red rain. Meanwhile, Big Jim and Rebecca drive through the rain to the lake. They discuss if this is the apocalypse or not. She believes it is a test of character and strength and knows they can solve this. Big Jim seems a bit more doubtful. Suddenly, a hooded figure appears in the road. Big Jim swerves to miss him, hitting a tree. The hooded figure pulls Big Jim out of the car and then gets in and drives off with Rebecca! Big Jim is stranded in the burning, red rain!

lyleAt the school, Creepy Girl is concerned about Junior, but Joe tells he is just always “not okay.” HA, good one, Joe! Suddenly, the kids are able to access the internet. Joe reads an email from his dad that tells him to take care of Angie (fail). Creepy Girl comforts Joe, which upsets Norrie. They go on Twitter and find they have a bunch of fans/followers. Norrie tells Junior to check his email, etc. Junior pulls up an email from a mystery source that says he can help him. Upon opening the video, it asks him for his mother’s birthdate. Hmm.

Barbie, Julia, and Sam finally come to save Big Jim. He is not doing well, but he is alive. Rebecca is tied up in some shack. The culprit: Lyle the Barber (of course!). He starts crazy talking about righteousness and what the Dome wants. Rebecca says she can stop the rain and Lyle starts spewing about the Bible, saying he doesn’t want to stop the rain. He mentions the Rapture and how she keeps interfering with the plan. He brings a bowl of the burning, red rain over to torture her with.

Back in the cafe, Big Jim sputters that Lyle has Rebecca and the team begins a search. At the school, Junior watches a video. It’s his mother. She confirms she is alive and promises they will be reunited. She tells him to go to Lyle, and only Lyle, for answers before the video and internet cut out. Junior runs outside immediately to find Lyle. Julia and Barbie search Lyle’s Barber shop, while arguing about the nature of mankind when in crisis. They find a photo of a young Lyle, Sam, and Pauline (Jr’s mother) from 1988. Apparently, she dated Lyle before Big Jim. Julia walkies to Sam about it, but he brushes it off. Junior suddenly appears in the shop, confirming that the location of the picture.

samAt the school, Joe is determined to find the “crack” that is allowing the signal to get through. He thinks the magnetism of the Dome opened up something. Creepy Girl agrees and they go to find the source. They come across the locker that Angie stood at when she died. The signal is most powerful there. Creepy Girl puts her hand on Angie’s bloodied handprint and the combination to the lock comes to her. They open the locker and it is empty! Norrie, however, is not happy. She demands to know how Creepy Girl knew the combination and who she is.

Big Jim asks Sam why he saved him, and Sam reveals that although he hates Big Jim, he won’t let him die…yet. Hm, interesting. Back at the shack, Lyle is really losing it. He almost pours the bowl of burning rain on Rebecca, but she lies and says she believes him now. Lyle doesn’t believe her lie and pulls a gun on her just as Barbie, Junior, and Julia burst in. He holds the gun to Rebecca’s head, making Junior and Barbie drop their guns. Julia reasons with Lyle, saying she spoke to the Dome and it wants to protect us. Lyle seems to listen to Julia. As she speaks though, Rebecca is able to get out of her hand ties, she throws the bowl of burning rain into Lyle’s face and escapes. Julia yells at Rebecca, saying she’d almost talked him into giving up.

Rebecca and her team go to the lake and dissolve up the red algae, stopping the burning red rain. Aw, so simple that was. Rebecca proudly tells Big Jim that she stopped the rain. At school, Norrie still is demanding answers from Creepy Girl, but Creepy Girl doesn’t know what to say. Things just “come” to her. Joe believes Creepy Girl.

juliaRebecca tells Big Jim, Barbie, and Julia about the resource crisis, yadda yadda. There isn’t going to be enough food, they won’t survive, etc. She says they need a contingency plan and they need to selectively thin the herd. Julia is very much against this, realizing the Citizen Registration act was all just a hidden census to determine who will live and who will die. Julia isn’t about it and walks out. Barbie argues for Rebecca and Big Jim, which really pisses off Julia. She has hope and believe they will find a way. Big Jim and Rebecca don’t have the power to choose who to kill. She thought she knew Barbie, but doesn’t and tells him to not follow her.

In jail, crazy Lyle sings and gets a visit from Sam, who says he could kill Lyle and no one would care. He also makes sure that Lyle keeps his promise they made 25 years ago. Lyle thinks the Dome nulls that promise. Junior watches them from a monitor. After Sam leaves, Junior visits Lyle and asks about his mother, Angie’s murder, and what he was talking to Sam about. Lyle promises Junior all the answers if he frees him from jail.

rebeccaMeanwhile at the cafe, Rebecca continues to stress to Big Jim about the contingency plan (she just never lets up, does she?). She says he is going to have to be the one to decide who will live and who will die.

Back at the school, Joe looks through a list of everyone who had the weird locker. Creepy Girl finds the name, “Melanie Cross,” familiar to her. Joe then pulls up a yearbook from the year 1988 and looks up Melanie Cross. Dun, dun, dun… Melanie Cross looks identical to Creepy Girl. How is that possible? We will find out next week, maybe.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? It seems like they are working toward answers. Is anyone else over Rebecca and Big Jim’s little thing? I’m sure how I feel about her. Also, what do you think is the secret between Sam and Lyle? And what is the deal with Creepy Girl aka Melanie Cross? Comment below with your thoughts, questions, and concerns.

Under the Dome airs Monday @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online at, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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