On Sunday, Aug 17, a whole lot of cool folks gathered together to celebrate each other and their creative, fun and informative ventures. So, yeah, just another gathering of geeks! And thanks to the 2nd annual Geekie Awards, we all got a chance to join in the festivities. Whether you got a ticket and attended the show in person in Hollywood, or were one of the more than 177,000 folks watching the Twitch-hosted live streaming, you had to have had a good time. Besides, who doesn’t love an awards show that has a category called “Fashion & Armor”??

The talent was out in full force – nominees, presenters and guests, alike – which made the red carpet a fairly arduous process. Don’t take my word for it: Doug Jones (presenting at the awards) attests to that and extolls the virtues of cosplay in our interview:

One of the categories of the night was Personality. It may sound strange put that way, but if you consider the intent of the award is to recognize geekdom’s favorite internet personalities, you can see that it would be an honor just to be nominated. Although she didn’t win the category, nominee Jenna Busch truly is a favorite online personality and friend of Whedonopolis. Watch our video for info on Jenna’s project, Legion of Leia (especially if you don’t already know about it!) and why the ladies of geekdom rock!

Winners of the night included:

Stan Lee Lifetime Achievement Award: Gale Anne Hurd

Geek of the Year: LeVar Burton

Geek Cred: Oculus VR

Indie Video Games: The Banner Saga

Web Series: Star Trek Continues

Short Films: The Hitchhiker

Trailers & Videos: Legends of the Knight  

Podcasts & Blogs: Talkin’ Comics Weekly

Comics & Graphic Novels: Oh, Hell

Tabletop Games: Belfort

Art & Craft: J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice

Fashion & Armor:  Castle Corsetry

Cosplay: Big Daddy

Websites & Blogs: Screen Rant

Personality: Jenny Lorenzo

Special thanks to Kristen Nedopak for making the Geekies a thing –  we look forward to another wonderful event next year!


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