Barbie is in captivity after being taken away by those mysterious soldiers last week. He is put in an isolation room where a man (Jessejames Locorriere – yes, that’s his name) interrogates him about how he escaped the town. He wants Barbie to tell Julia to hand over the power source (the egg), but Barbie refuses, so the interrogator starts abusing him.

barbiechainMeanwhile, in the Dome, Big Jim (who saw Julia talking to Barbie through the Dome) comes to visit Julia. He plays coy, asking if she has seen anyone outside of the Dome. She lies. There are “soldiers” lingering just outside the Dome near Julia’s house. Big Jim offers to help Julia look for Barbie’s body to get closure, but she shuts him down. After Big Jim goes away, the kids (Norrie, Joe, Junior, and Melanie) all argue about what to do. Norrie thinks Big Jim knows that Barbie is alive. They all decide to go back to the school to see if Barbie will send another email. Junior heads to the police station to keep an eye on his father.

Outside the Dome, Sam, Lyle and Pauline discuss the Red Door. They are convinced it is the way back into the Dome. They decide to search the playground where Sam and Lyle first appeared when they exited the Dome.

At the police station, Big Jim reveals to Junior that he knows Barbie is alive and outside the Dome. Junior admits he knows the truth and Big Jim wants Junior to keep being honest with him. Oh, silly Junior.

dadBarbBarbie’s father comes to visit Barbie in his “cell.” His dad says he can’t do anything and he is trying to help. He says “they” forced him to change the email to Julia and that the only thing Barbie can do to be freed is to convince Julia to bring the egg. Barbie refuses still. Once his dad exits, it is revealed that his dad is behind it. He tells the interrogator that they must do whatever it takes to get Barbie to comply before the actual military finds out.

Junior thinks its a good idea to take Big Jim down the tunnel to the cliff to show him exactly how Barbie escaped the Dome. Big Jim is surprised and talks about Pauline, saying he wishes he could apologize to her. Junior tells his father everything now: about Barbie telling Julia not to jump and the egg. Oh, Junior. Stupid move. Now Big Jim is all about finding that magical egg.

Back outside the Dome, Pauline recounts a story about Junior as a child, loving on a child Angie. They arrive at the playground and see a red door on a playhouse. Sam and Lyle walk off in different directions to make the two men watching the playground follow them. Pauline walks towards the door, but a little kid runs out, and she ends up just staring into space.

Barbie’s dad goes to Hunter because he wants to send another message. He basically blackmails Hunter in to doing it. Meanwhile, in the Dome, Joe is just about doubting what they are doing, but a new email suddenly comes in. He realizes whoever sent it, might be controlling the signal. The email is a video message for Julia from Barbie’s father. Melanie recognizes the voice. Barbie’s father pleads with her about the egg, but Julia seems deep in thought.

Barbie’s interrogator has raised the stakes. He is now just punching him over and over. Barbie is able to escape and knock him out though, taking his gun!

rebeccaIn the Dome, Big Jim reveals to Rebecca that Barbie is still alive. She had no idea, though Big Jim accuses her of conspiring with Julia. He tells her that he needs her help to trick Julia and get the egg. Rebecca says she will help him, using Joe possibly to reveal their secret.

Back outside the Dome, Pauline draws a spiral in the mud. Lyle returns and asks what she is doing. She says her visions are coming back and she is worried. Something bad is going to happen if they return to Chester’s Mill. She is scared of the spiral. Lyle tries to be there for her. Sam comes back and they all need to find a safe place to go.

inSchoolBack at the school, a debate is raging about what to with the egg. Melanie is very angry. She doesn’t want them to give up the egg. Julia thinks it may be the way out. Melanie gets so mad that she storms off. Rebecca shows up and reveals to Julia that Big Jim told her everything, but she says she isn’t going to help him. She says she is just like Julia and she just wants to save the town, whether Julia believes her or not.

Back outside the Dome, Pauline, Sam, and Lyle arrive at… Hunter’s place! I forgot that she was in a video he constructed. Apparently, Hunter was Pauline’s favorite art student at Zenith High – and now just happens to be a hacker/founder of Hounds of Diana/Barbie’s father’s lackey. He and his hacker friend reveal more about the Hounds of Diana – an organization that finds secrets the government doesn’t want people to know. A man suddenly breaks in – it’s Barbie. And boy is he shocked to see Lyle and Sam. He reveals to the room that Sam killed Angie. Oooh.

Big Jim drives up to the Dome’s edge with a sign demanding to talk to whoever is in charge. A soldier comes out with a laptop. Big Jim writes that he can get what they want (draws an egg) and that they can only deal with him, plus they must get him and Junior out. They reveal with their technology that the egg is hiding at Angie’s old place. Unfortunately for Big Jim, Junior took matters into his own hands. He took the egg from Angie’s place and is going to hide and protect it. Melanie says she doubts Julia and wants to protect it with him.

samOutside the Dome, Pauline shouts at Sam about Angie’s murder. She wants to know if he tried to kill Junior, and he says no. He thought her cards were telling him to kill them. Pauline realizes that they have to go back to Chester’s Mill to atone for their sins. Her cards got Angie killed. Sam and Pauline are now very gung-ho about finding the Red Door and going back. Hunter pulls up a series of images of red doors, but it is all for naught because Barbie remembers a Red Door from his past.

Meanwhile, Julia confronts Big Jim about stealing the egg, but he denies it. He says he is just trying to protect the town and then reveals he knows Barbie is still alive. Julia claims that Big Jim doesn’t know what it is to love anyone other than himself. Big Jim does though. He talks about Pauline and telling Junior about her death. He says he would do anything to have her back. (He might get his wish soon).

Barbie’s dad and the interrogator scheme. Apparently, it was part of the plan from the interrogator to get knocked out so that they could follow Barbie. Unfortunately, the lost Barbie along the way. Suddenly, someone shows up at the front gate to the house and it sounds an awful lot like Barbie. But it is revealed to only be Hunter’s hacker friend with a recording, giving Barbie and the gang time to breach the grounds and reach the Red Door in the ground. They move some boxes and find a tunnel! A soldier enters the Red Door, but doesn’t see them and leaves. Phew.

juniorThings get weird now (or weirder). As Barbie, Pauline, Sam, Lyle, and Hunter stand in the dark tunnel – a spiraly grey cloud of smoke comes at them. The smoke seems to give visions to Sam, Barbie, and Pauline – before transporting them back into the lake in the Dome. Sam has  a vision of a young Junior, asking him not leave him with his dad. Barbie has a vision of the Red Door and chatting with a teenage Melanie. Pauline has a vision of Melanie just outside the hole where they found the egg. Melanie tells her this is where it started and where it will end. Hunter had no visions and Lyle never even appeared in the lake. Hmmm. But, they are back! Barbie tells everyone to keep a low profile. Pauline says she has to find Junior, alone. Sam is going to look for Lyle and Hunter is just happy to be there.

Meanwhile, Junior and Melanie decide to hide the egg in his dad’s bunker. Melanie wants to wait and lie down for a bit to enjoy the bunker. Erm, okay? So they cuddle in the bunker.

Pauline enters her old home, looking lovingly at old photos and Junior’s room. Who should show up? Big Jim. His mouth hangs open in shock.

And that’s it for Under the Dome this week. Lots of stuff happened! What did you guys think? Where is Lyle? What is Melanie’s role in all of this? There are just too many questions! Let me know in the comments below.

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