Hello Faithful Viewers! Kelly, your editor, here with this week’s edition of Flashback Friday.

Pickins are getting slim in the TV viewing arena, while we all wait, patiently (NOT!), for our favorite shows to come back and the fresh crop of new shows to start. But, let’s look back at a much missed show that was cut short before it’s time… Dollhouse.

While short lived, Dollhouse brought many new faces to our attention, from Dichen Lachman and Fran Kranz, to Enver Gjokaj and Miracle Laurie, and brought Tahmoh Penikett into the WhedonVerse! Bringing discussions of free will, technology gone terribly wrong and big business’ hold on us all, the potential for shocking, angering and intriguing us was nearly endless.  Whedonopolis’ own David Mello made a video, marking the 5th anniversary of this complex show.

Watch with me!

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