Hi Ho! Kelly, your editor here, with this week’s edition of FlashBack Friday Monday? So sorry I missed my dealine. My birthday was on Saturday and I started the party a bit early. So, on with the show!

We’re still in the black hole that is Summer Hiatus, but the light is on the horizon. But, I have to say, I miss Castle. Say what you will, but it is always enjoyable and I could watch it every single day. (And you almost can, with the constant repeats on TNT.)

So, let’s look back… Back. Back just a little bit more to 2012 and PaleyFest Red Carpet the some of the cast of Castle, so I can get my fix.

Watch with me!

NOTE: I met Jon Huertas at the Castle book signing, back in season one and he was very charming and nice to very one, even though he knew most of the people were there to see Nathan Fillion. So, give this man his props!

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