Episode two, entitled “Selina Kyle,” will hopefully shed some light on the elusive and mysterious “cat” that was lurking in the shadows in the pilot. For the most part, Gotham seems to find more of its voice and tone in this episode, but it still has a ways to go to really hit its stride.

This week, Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) and her fellow homeless friends- including the brother from “That’s So Raven”- are approached by a couple from a homeless outreach program. Except the couple are NOT from a homeless outreach program, but sntachers working for a mysterious man called the “Dollmaker.” They stick some of the kids with needles and shoot a homeless man before fleeing. Who gets called onto the crime? Why Jim and Harvey, of course!

Straight laced Jim is still reeling from all his discoveries in the pilot and it has hardened him further. Harvey is still just messing around. He wants to beat the witness, but Jim is against it. Harvey is quick to remind Jim of his “murder” of Penguin last week. Speaking of Penguin, he is walking away from Gotham in the countryside. He tries to hitchhike and gets picked up by the two douchiest of people. Why would they even pick him up if they were such dicks? Welp, Penguin gets his revenge and slashes one in the throat with a beer bottle.


Penguin later finds a farm and rents a trailer for $100/night. He turns it into his lair, complete with crazy map of everyone and Gotham (where did he get all those pictures?). Oh, and he also took one of the guys who picked him up as a hostage to try and get ransom money. But it turns out the guy’s mom doesn’t believe Penguin. Womp, womp.


Rival detectives Crispus and Renee are searching for Penguin. They know the other cops had something to do with it. They interview Penguin’s mother and she proves to be quite eccentric!

Back on the main case, Edward Ngyma discovers that the drug used to knock people out is called ATP and was once provided for the now closed Arkham Aslyum. The Captain wants the guys to keep the story quiet and not tell the public, which doesn’t sit right with Jim. Also, can we get more of Edward Ngyma? He is super fun.


Over at Fish Mooney’s jazz joint, Carmine Falcone pays her a visit and makes various threats and comments. He obviously knows she betrayed him but they both play it like that is not the case. Carmine even has Fish’s waiter-lover beat, but her face remains stone cold- until Carmine leaves. Then she screams for everyone to leave. She later contemplates her next move: biding her time. Eventually she will kill Carmine and take control! I feel like evil cackling was appropriate here.


Harvey and Jim later come to Fish with questions about the kids. She tells them most of what she knows all the while mocking Jim in her accent that continues to come and go. Later, Jim goes home to Babara and continues to not have chemistry with her. Their relationship is so wooden to me. She pries into why Jim has “changed” and he tells her about the missing kids. So she immediately calls and releases the info to the press – which pisses off a bunch of people the next day, including the Captain, Harvey, and the Mayor. Way to go, Barbara! In fact, Harvey later tells Jim he knows she leaked the info and he needs to control his woman. Wow, Harvey, really? I mean, Barbara sucks, but Jim can’t and shouldn’t control her.

Over at the bad guys headquarters, the creepy couple argue with their ATP supplier about getting more supplies. They are interrupted when Jim and Harvey arrive. Words are exchanged, then a shootout, and the couple escapes. The drug provider, Quillen, sends his lackey to kill the kids imprisoned in the basement, but luckily Jim saves them all!


The next day, the Mayor makes a grand happy announcement about the saved kids and wants to help them off the streets. Behind closed doors, the mayor reveals most of them will be sent upstate to an institute, which doesn’t sit well with Jim. OF COURSE. Cause he’s the good guy. The kids are rounded up and put on buses. Young Selina is reluctant to get on a bus and demands to see Jim Gordon, but is forced on. She also looks at a locket of a woman. Her mother, perhaps? And of course, the child snatching couple has taken over the bus. Selina tries to escape again, but to no avail.


The Mayor is livid when a whole bus of kids disappears. Jim and Harvey are on it though. With help from Quillen, they are able to identify the logo on their van and connect it to the right company. Meanwhile, the bus of kids unloads, but one is missing. Selina Kyle. Patti goes to search the bus and somehow misses Selina, which I can understand still. Maybe she is too giddy about pleasing the Dollmaker. If we don’t see the Dollmaker, I am going to be pissed. (RE: No, Dollmaker. Sad face).

Later, one of the evil minions is attacked and his eyes are scratched out. It is gross. Patti shoots him and searches again for Selina, even though she has already proven she sucks at searching. This time, she finds Selina, however, and is about to shoot her when Jim appears from nowhere and clocks her on the head! Jim saves the day, AGAIN.  Now, where da kids at?!


Oh by the way, young Brucey has been moping and burning his hands all episode and Alfred doesn’t know what to do, so he calls on Jim to come visit. I guess Jim is going to be like a mentor to Bruce or something. Bruce wants to help with the homeless kids, so gets them all new clothes. How nice of the young Bat.

Selina, er Cat as she keeps correcting, demands to see Jim again as she is hustled off to an upstate program again. She threatens the officer handling her by saying she will scream he touched her unless he gets her Jim. Damn, girl. When Jim arrives, Selina makes him promise to get her out of going upstate because she has something he wants… she knows who murdered the Waynes. Dun, dun, dun!

That’s it for Episode Two. It gave us some good insight, more character development, and fun villains, but I just want more. More oomph. Jim is quickly proving to be the most boring character however! In a show full of fun villains, terrible accents, and weird quirky people, Jim is a snooooze. Hopefully his character will get more oomph and depth!

What did you guys think of the second episode and will you continue to watch Gotham? Let me know in the comments below!

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