I have an extremely low schmaltz threshold. That slow-clap moment in the movies that gives everybody that warm, fuzzy feeling makes me want to hurl. So, either this tin woman has found a heart (not likely), or Forever‘s emotions ring genuine rather than contrived and sappy.

This episode was all about mortality and Henry’s lack thereof. A quack doctor is selling youth in the form of a wonder-supplement. Of course, the effects are too good to be true and the patients are ending up on Henry’s slab. IOAN GRUFFUDD, IOAN GRUFFUDDThis episode also provides a lot of great father-son moments between Henry and Abe. Oh, and its signature dose of morbidity- which I love.

This episode was missing the presence of “Adam” (Henry’s also-immortal nemesis), but I was too busy having my heartstrings plucked and my funny bone tickled to be bothered. Perhaps we’ll get an update on what he’s been up to in the next episode.


WILLIAM OLIVER WATKINS, JUDD HIRSCH, IOAN GRUFFUDD, ALANA DE LA GARZAThere was the who-dunnit, the humor, and the touch of morbid which are the hallmarks of this show, but there was also a heavy lean on Henry and Abe. It was fun to see Henry taking on the protective/worried parent role, while Abe was tagging along on the case against his father’s wishes. I also loved the moment when Abe indignantly says, “I’m a doctor’s son! I know better than that!” I think I like this relationship so much because it feels so genuine, and echoes emotions I have toward my mother.

The flashbacks of this episode served to give insight as to why Henry was so quick to pour hater-ade all over Dr. Garner’s parade. We see that not only has Henry been a life-long skeptic, but he also witnessed hoax cures exacerbate the disease and shorten the life-span of a friend and colleague in Henry’s past. It gave our good doctor extra incentive to debunk the miracle supplement before it could do any more harm.

I also quite enjoyed another I’m-totally-not-hitting-on-you-even-though-I’m-blatantly-hitting-on-you moment between Henry and Detective Martinez. It’s not that I think you’re hot, it’s just that, by scientific proportions, your face is totally hot. And you say you try to downplay your looks? Totally not working. Still hot! Yeah, Henry. You weren’t hitting on her at all. But while Detective Martinez agrees that there’s someone out there for everyone to share their life with and make it worthwhile, for her, that person- her husband- is dead and gone. Aw! Detective Martinez!

IOAN GRUFFUDDAnd I have to wonder how Detective Martinez’ actual partner feels about her always ditching him to go question suspects and solve cases with an ME. I mean, I get it. Henry’s pretty Sherlock-y, he gives fantastic “not-compliments,” and he’s not exactly hard to look at, but he’s still not actually a detective. Also, it’s a little iffy when a chemist ninjas in and kills someone with a scalpel. Even if she were pumped up on her own miracle supplement, those ninja skills were a bit advanced for a chemist.

But these silly details are well overshadowed by fun moments, such as when Lucas (Joel David Moore), Henry’s assistant, gets all mooney-eyed when Henry recalls personal details. He was listening! He cares! Oh, Lucas. Give you a doughnut, and you don’t even notice entire bodies going missing. But you’re adorable, so we’ll keep you!

So what did you think of the episode? Do the emotions ring true, or have I gone soft? Are you eager for “Adam” to resurface? Let me know in the comments!

Forever airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC. Catch this and past episodes on ABC’s website.

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