Last week’s premiere episode left Brennan, Booth and the rest of the group in shock after the death of their friend Lance Sweets. Daley is leaving the show to focus on his writing and directing career. Congratulations and good luck to him in his future endeavors, although he will surely be missed by Bones fans. This week on Bones, viewers will see further how the group reacts to losing Sweets and the continued investigation of Cooper’s death and the Foster conspiracy.


The episode starts on an emotional note with Booth blaming himself for Sweets death, saying he should have been the one to go serve the warrant. It gets more emotional when little Christine walks in looking super adorable, telling her parents that Uncle Sweets and Aunt Daisy are taking her to the park today. Brennan brings her over and it looks like they are going to have a chat with baby girl about what happened to Uncle Sweets.

Bones_LanceToTheHeart_scene3_0498_previewBack at the lab they are finishing the autopsy on Sweets. Angela remarks she wishes they never uncovered the conspiracy. Jack Hodgins, resident conspiracy theorist, says “but we did.” He then proceeds to compare the conspiracy to a life form and that they need to destroy its central nervous system. A lightbulb goes off for Angela who says she can try to “map the DNA” of the conspiracy by taking the names on the chip, analyze their behavior and see if it coincides with the events of the past two decades. Hodgins finds a fiber from Sweets body that came from the bottom of the killer’s shoe, and tells them the model car the killer was driving.

Booth and Agent Aubrey find the killer’s car and apparently Sweets managed to get a shot at him and injure him. Booth and Aubrey go to a nearby roof where they think the killer may have gone. They find a dead body covered by rats. Lovely. Aubrey proceeds to tell Booth that the body is that of Kenneth Emery and that they went to Quantico together, before Emery left to join the Navy Seals.

Sweets executed a warrant for Sanderson’s documents, but they were taken by the killer. The FBI now has people searching for the documents. At the lab, Brennan and team determine Sweets’ bullet wasn’t what actually killed Emery, and it was actually a knife cut to an artery. It looks like someone wanted to kill Emery and cover it up.

Brennan comes home and Booth is standing in front of a table full of handguns and she asks him where they came from. He says since they took his service weapons, he went and got more. Seems like Booth may be spiraling out of control! He tells her not to ask about things she doesn’t need to know about and that they need to get to Sanderson. Things take a turn for the worst and it looks like their marriage may be on the rocks. Brennan tells Booth that who he is now is not someone she wants to be a part of her life, or her daughter’s life. Ouch. Seems like things haven’t gotten better since the talk she had with Sweets in the premiere about Booth’s behavior. Brennan seems to get through to Booth and he says he just wants this to stop and doesn’t leave to go on a killing rampage.

Bones_ep1002-sc34_0035_previewBooth shows up to work the next day in a suit and clean-shaven, so it looks like the old Booth is officially back in action! Angela and Hodgins figure out that Durant, the doctor from the premiere that treated Cooper after his car accident actually knew Cooper previously and didn’t tell them. Durant admits that Norsky (the old guy in the nursing home) was the one who originally came to him. Booth goes back to talk to Norsky, but it’s too late – someone has gotten to him and he’s refusing to talk.

Aubrey and Hodgins find a wire recording at an abandoned house where a man, Desmond Wilson, was murdered around the same time as Cooper. This wire recording was from the Hoover era and they think there could be a connection. They play the recording and it’s JFK talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Apparently Hoover’s files weren’t destroyed after his death. The place where Wilson was staying was owned by a holding company owned by Sanderson.

Brennan tells Booth they’ve found foreign DNA in Cooper’s and she thinks the assailant may have accidentally injected his own DNA into Cooper’s without knowing it. While talking to him about it, she sees a photo of Wilson and family. She notices that the child in the picture is actually Durant. They speculate that Wilson groomed Durant to take over the blackmailing and that Durant was in a position to monitor people’s medical records and use it against them for blackmailing them. Looks like they just broke the case! Durant set up Sanderson as a fallout guy.

Bones_ep1002-sc27_0122_previewBooth and Brennan go to confront Durant and he goes on a rant about true patriots, but says it isn’t a confession. He taunts Booth about Sweets a bit and Booth punches him, leaving blood on Booth’s hand – that’s one way to get DNA! Durant’s DNA is a match for the DNA in Cooper’s marrow. They have to find the files though or they fear he will just blackmail his way out of jail. After trying what they call the “Sweets approach” of analyzing the situation, they find the files in Hoover’s replica office at the Jeffersonian.

The group shares a final goodbye to Sweets, and Brennan gives a nice speech about how Sweets will still be with all of them; saying Sweets is a variable without which they might not be who they are now.

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Bones airs Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX. Catch this and previous episodes on their website.

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