The original vampires are back! Oh right, and so are those pesky werewolves. And Monday nights are finally fun again! Hubba, hubba, Elijah!




originals-rebirth-stillWell, we had to know that Rebekah wasn’t completely gone! The episode begins with The Original sister reciting a bedtime story to her newborn niece, aka Klaus and Hayley’s daughter. In the aftermath of what can only be described as earth shattering, Klaus, Hayley and Elijah are trying to pick up the pieces from Genevieve and Francesca Correa’s betrayal. Despite the fact that her child is safely under the protection of Rebekah, Hayley isn’t quite prepared for her child’s room to be taken down.

Meanwhile, just outside the Quarter, Marcel and Cami are healing in their own way, by making love, without the strings, of course. In pure Marcel fashion, he is suspicious of Klaus and his lack of retaliation over the supposed death of his child. This doesn’t stop Cami from trying to convince Elijah that her lover could be quite useful in their fight against the Correas. A fact that Klaus understands and takes it upon himself to go to Marcel asking for his help because he believes the Correas have the stake that can kill The Originals.

Originals-rebirth-still-2Davina, while browsing a record store and talking to Joe (a vampire), runs into an incredibly attractive boy in the store, but is blocked from talking to him by a devious Oliver. Lucky she was because as it turns out that attractive boy is none other than Kol Mikaelson.

Back in the Quarter, Francesca and her lackeys are relentlessly trying to take the Quarter back, however, little does she know her witch, “Cassie,” is actually Esther the original witch and of course Elijah and Klaus’ mommy dearest. But she isn’t the only parental concern they need to worry about because Mikael is back. Although, at the present time he is seemingly harmless because Davina has complete control over him, which is pretty badass.

tumblr_nbdw33NrTM1si4xuxo2_1280Klaus, Marcel, Elijah and the rest of the gang devise a plan to rid the wolves of the rings that keep them from turning and lessen Klaus’ power. As most of his plans sort of do, the group of vampires and two hybrids are successful killing all of the wolves with the rings including Francesca, who Hayley gets the honor of killing herself, Nothing like sweet revenge against the woman who devised a plan to kill your baby. The lone wolf is Olivier who Hayley allows to live for some strange reason, yet to be seen. Despite allowing Oliver to live, Hayley is having regrets about killing Francesca and is none-to-thrilled with her new hybrid status. Especially considering she killed the same wolves she came to New Orleans to find and get to know.

This episode was explosive and left nothing behind that wouldn’t warrant the desperation for more. I can only imagine where the rest of the season is going and, quite frankly, I cannot wait.

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The Originals airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW. Watch full episodes on, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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