With the Bones team giving Sweets his final sendoff last week, this week’s new episode will more than likely focus on how the team will now move forward post conspiracy and death of Sweets. There are still some major questions going forward this season, like how will Booth proceed with the FBI, if at all; and how his relationship with Bones will be now that everything is seemingly back to normal. Lets hope this episode provides us with some of these answers!


One of the primary focuses, starting early in the episode, is how Booth is handling Sweets death and the whole betrayal situation with the FBI. Booth and Brennan have a serious conversation about how Booth is handling everything. He basically tells Booth he believes in no one but his family. He feels like everyone else around him is corrupt. Brennan wants him to have a larger group of people he can trust, which leads her to push Booth to work with Agent Aubrey in this next case. By the way, I’m not 100% sure I trust Aubrey yet, but I guess we’ll see as the season goes forward how trustworthy he is and how large of a role he will play with the team.

Bones_ep1003-sc22_0305_previewThis weeks case involves the death of a Conservative radio pundit, Hutch Whitehouse. He was found in a sewer, three days after speaking with his producer, Bob Gordon, to call in sick. Apparently he expressed some extreme opinions on his show, meaning basically anyone could have wanted him dead. After going through Hutch’s mail, Booth finds letters from someone who has written to Hutch multiple times, who seems like he could be a killer with the kind of rage found in his letters. Booth and Brennan visit the writer of these letters, William Byers, and Brennan seems hung up on the fact that Booth chose to take her instead of Aubrey.

Turns out it wasn’t Byers that killed Hutch. Even though he confessed to the murder, he didn’t have any of the facts right, making it clear this is just some nut case who wants the spotlight on him. Back at the lab, Brennan and her intern discover Hutch seems to have had quite the sex life. His body shows signs of torture over time, but it wasn’t what killed him. They discover Hutch had a “sex dungeon” and when Angela incorporates one of Hutch’s ball gags into her simulator, they determine he suffocated to death. They think that during a sexual escapade or whatever Hutch was doing, he was gagged and sustained a blow to the nose, which blocked all his air supply.

With this information, Booth brings in Hutch’s dominatrix, Selena Skarsgard, to interrogate. It turns out she wasn’t just a dominatrix, but a licensed therapist as well. She tells Booth that Hutch felt guilty about inciting such anger in people like he did on his show. Not only that, but it looks like Hutch felt so guilty he actually thought of quitting the show. Selena swears Hutch was alive when she left. So, not the dominatrix… but wait. Brennan finds more evidence on the bones to suggest there was possibly more than one dominatrix, because some of the injuries don’t match Selena’s toys – his bones were stretched.

Bones_ep1003-sc3_0080_previewBooth finds some holes in Hutch’s wife Miram’s alibi. In the meantime, Hodgins finds traces of whitetail deer on Hutch’s clothing. Conveniently, they realize Gordon is a hunter, and the pieces start to fall together. Gordon caves (of course) under the pressure of being interrogated, and admits he moved the body. Miriam told Gordon that Hutch was in the sex dungeon, and when Gordon arrived he found Hutch dead. In a panic, he decided to move the body for self-protection in case he were blamed for the death.

After going back and analyzing Hutch’s call to Gordon when calling in sick, Angela determines it wasn’t actually Hutch who placed the call. It was Hutch’s co-worker, Alan Spaziano, impersonating Hutch. Brennan continues to push the Booth/Aubrey relationship, so Booth lets Aubrey do the final interrogation. What happened was Spaziano found Hutch in a compromising situation, in his bondage, which started a fight. Spaziano struck Hutch on the face with his phone, which ended up killing him.

As to Aubrey’s trustworthiness concerns, Brennan seems to really trust him. She sees some good in him and wants Booth around that after everything he has gone through recently. Fingers crossed that this isn’t some trick and Aubrey is actually as good as he seems, because I’m not sure how many more blows to his trust Booth could take at this point! The episode ends with Brennan and Booth talking and having some drinks, the mood is lighter than it has been most of the season and it looks like Booth is on the right track to being happy again.

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