It’s only been two episodes, but it feels like things are already unraveling on The Vampire Diaries. Then again, I suppose that’s bound to happen in a world of supernaturals.




alaric-in-yellow-ledbetterElena is bound and determined to have Alaric erase her memories of loving Damon. She is too overcome with sadness to move on with her life with those memories, so the original made vampire begins to change the specific moments of Elena and Damon’s life. As it turns out the former history teacher is searching for one particular moment…the very moment Elena knew she loved Damon, as all of the other memory alterations have yet to change her memories of loving her deceased boyfriend.

While Alaric and Elena are going through the memory changing process, Damon and Bonnie find themselves standing in Mystic Falls circa 1994. It seems Grams’ way of saving Bonnie led her there and when she grabbed Damon’s hand before the other side collapsed, she took him with her. So what’s the problem, other then them not being with their loved ones? They are living the same day over and over again, in some hellish Groundhog Day. Bonnie is determined to get her magic back, so she can create a spell to zap them out of there.

The Vampire Diaries - Episode 6.02 - Yellow Ledbetter - Promotional PhotosMeanwhile back in the land of the living, Stefan’s dinner date with his new girlfriend is interrupted by Enzo (Yay, he’s back!) and Caroline, who are on a mission to find some way to get Damon and Bonnie back. Talk about your awkward dinner date, considering Stefan’s new girl doesn’t know a thing about the supernatural world, well, until Enzo decides to bring the topic up. As most dinners in the vampire world do, things quickly escalate and Stefan and Enzo are at literally at one another throats. The reason? Stefan giving up on Damon is not the brotherly thing to do, according to Enzo who threatens to kill everyone who stands in Stefan’s way of remembering how to be Damon’s brother.

Checking in with Alaric and Elena, it turns out that the reasons they haven’t found that moment she fell in love with Damon was because she didn’t want to admit it. She fell in love with Damon while she was still with Stefan on her birthday when Damon, for the first time, was completely selfless. And just like that, in a heart wrenching moment, Alaric took that memory away, leaving Elena only thinking of Damon as Stefan’s brother and a monster who died.

bonnie-and-miss-cuddlesSo now what happens if (when) and when Bonnie and Damon get out of the hell that they’re in and he returns to a girlfriend who now hates him? Oh, the agony of such thoughts it’s almost too much to handle.

What do you think of the season so far? let’s talk about it! Give me your opinion in the comments, below.

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